An Ode To Supernatural

An Ode To 'Supernatural'

It's hard to believe that the show is truly ending, especially when it's changed your life.

Alexandra Michalski

"After fifteen seasons the television series Supernatural will come to an end."

These words are ones I have been waiting for over a year now, though in the past they would have devastated me. Seven years ago, I was a freshman in high school just delving into the world of social media, most specifically Tumblr. With it being 2012 the only things on most dashboards was anything related to SuperWhoLock (aka the tv shows Supernatural, Dr. Who, and Sherlock for those lucky individuals unfamiliar with the term). After reading about this series for a few weeks, I started watching the show and didn't look back.

I caught up with the show in six months and remember watching the season nine premiere with fondness. It was my first live episode, and although Kevin was dead, I enjoyed it. So, I kept watching. I watched as Dean turned into a demon. I watched as they killed Charlie, Death, and then the Darkness, God's own sister. This was where I expected the show to end. I mean after all, how can you create a more powerful villain than God's own sister? The answer is you can't. Instead of ending the show at a perfectly good spot the creators decided to throw in something completely unexpected. Mary Winchester.

You would think after 30 years the Winchester's dead mother would stay dead, but she doesn't. Instead, we were given season 12 a mediocre attempt at continuing the series. With their mom now alive and a bunch of angry British people on the loose, I began to lose interest. Was this what so many before me meant when they thought season 5 was the perfect spot to end the series? Probably. Nevertheless, I continued watching out of a deep love for the characters.

It was this love of the characters that had me so excited for the possible spin-off series Wayward Sisters. It would have featured most of the women from the series doing their own thing while Sam and Dean still had their own show. Great idea, right? The CW didn't think so and decided not to pick up the series. This struck me as odd. Surely the company didn't think Supernatural would go on forever? One of these days they were going to need to come up with something new. Wayward Sisters would have offered them that.

With that blow, it was hard to stay interested in the series. As Jack was introduced, I held out hope, despite the gang fighting off Satan for what feels like the 100th time. Lucifer or no Lucifer season 13 had something new, other dimensions. This could have been an exciting and new plot point right? Wrong. We were treated to a second apocalypse on the horizon, the angels as the bad guys yet again, and seemingly every major character that had died in the past six seasons. Yup, after years of backlash everyone was back. Bobby, Charlie, and even Kevin were alive and well in this fake universe. It was if the writers realized killing every side character off until there were none left was a bad idea. They assumed that this avalanche of resurrected characters would appease the fans. Some may have been alright with this, but I was not. I believed it to be lazy writing, and I still do today. I stopped watching after that thinking that there was no end in sight. I was wrong.

After 15 seasons the show will come to an end. Although it's been a while since I tuned in for an episode, it feels like the end of an era. This show has managed to permeate into my life whether I like it or not. Six years ago I started writing. I'm not embarrassed to admit it was Supernatural fanfic because like it or not this show is what got me interested in writing. Without that story and the fans pushing me forward, I would have never learned that writing is what I like to do best. So even though Supernatural may have fallen off the rails the last few seasons I'm still grateful for the time I spent watching it and who knows? Maybe I'll tune in for the final episode.

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