October National Dessert Month
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October Celebrates Our Favorites: Dessert!

October is National Dessert Month, so I'm providing three new recipes to your arsenal to make this October!

October Celebrates Our Favorites: Dessert!

October represents to many the start of fall and the end of summer. For others, it's the beginning of dessert season. October celebrates National Dessert Month, so I'm providing some recipes to get us going.

To kick off the glorious sugar-induced coma, we're about to have, I introduce you to the Campfire S'mores Cake!

Originally titled the Fire Pit S'mores Cake and found here.

Author's Notes:

I use the chocolate chips because it's easier! I have never found this (Betty Crocker Cookies 'n Creme Frosting) in stores, so I get the vanilla frosting and extra chocolate cookies crumbs to make my own. Be careful while melting this (white chocolate) because if it starts getting hard to stir rather than easier, it's being cooked and not melted; it won't ruin the stones, but it'll make them almost hard as real rocks. For the hard candies, I just got the Life Savers flavored candy because they had the colors needed, but because the colors end up getting mixed, it isn't very tasty and is more of a garnish. DO NOT put the marshmallows directly under the broiler! Put them on the bottom-most rack in your oven for 2 minutes, and they will come out toasty. DO NOT forget they're in there and assume 30 seconds won't hurt them because it will catch fire! Mine did this both times I made this recipe, trust me. As much as you want to watch it (the ganache covered cake) freeze, DO NOT open the freezer and DO NOT constantly open the freezer to get something! The ganache will not set properly which will cause you to need to let it sit for even longer! DO NOT take it (the ganache covered cake) out of the freezer until you're done with step 8! Let this sit for as long as possible if not overnight in order to have the frosting be as thick as possible! I had a problem with the frosting both times I made this recipe as it was not firm enough! If you have a pastry bag or decorating bag use that instead. If the white chocolate didn't melt right, you'll have a little bit of a tough time getting all the fudge off the bowls, but this will not change the flavor. You can split the cookies in half if your rocks are too big, I did. I found the baking mat on Amazon for I think less than $15 and it came with a second one, and they are reusable. DO NOT expect perfect jagged cracks like actual fire unless you are a candy maker extraordinaire. It's okay for the fire to be small and appear as if it's either just starting or just going out. I'd considered the LED light but decided against it because my family is the type to want to dive into the cake rather than wait for me to take off something, but if you wanna be this extra by all means do it!

Next up on our list of sugar-inducing coma desserts is the famous Slutty Brownies!

The famously infamous Slutty BrowniesThe Londoner

Domino's almost recreated these but did so without the Oreo's. The recipe can be found here.

The last stop on our sugar-inducing coma dessert trip is for those that can't wait for Christmas to arrive. I introduce Peppermint Bark!

Peppermint Bark everyone's favorite holiday treat!
Food Network

A sweet and minty treat for any time of year (as long as you don't care about critics when you're eating them in the summertime). The delicious recipe can be found here.

Don't just celebrate National Dessert Month in October or when you eat dessert for the holidays, celebrate it every day of the year by making something new each month! Any picture you post of your delicious recipes tag me on Instagram @rosemarylesniak or on twitter @rosemarylesniak.

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