Being Messy In College Is Not Something I Can Do
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OCD Is The Absolute Messiest Problem To Have When You Are In College

The struggle to balance being clean with excelling in college is a dilemma that many people do not want to face.

OCD Is The Absolute Messiest Problem To Have When You Are In College

I have OCD, and I am a college student. I could not think of a worse combination for someone who has little control over a lot of things during this exciting time.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, "Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a common, chronic and long-lasting disorder in which a person has uncontrollable, reoccurring thoughts (obsessions) and behaviors (compulsions) that he or she feels the urge to repeat over and over."Claiming that anything can be "life changing" is very cliche, but I think that having a neat, tidy room is one of the basic foundations to success. College is a new change for a lot of people, especially for those who are used to their things being placed in a certain way and dislikes change.

While I have no problem adjusting to a new environment with a rapidly changing pace, I like my stuff to be clean. That's not to say it doesn't get messy occasionally, I do have friends over often and we get ready to go out, which leaves clothes and makeup strewn all over the place.

But other than that, my room is ridiculously clean, and when I go into a room that is messy, I have the urge to clean it. Everything in my room is neatly folded and placed in drawers or has a specific place that makes it organized.

Being organized and neat can make life so much easier. Mornings will be less of a rush because you actually know where all of your stuff is, instead of having to scramble to find your keys. In addition, when it comes down to having to sit down and do your work, like a good student, your desk is clean and you know where all of your materials are. One of the biggest things that have helped me is keeping my desk exclusive to my school supplies and textbooks, leaving all of the stuff that would normally be thrown into a random drawer in a different place.

The limited space we are given forces us to decide what we really need, which was eye-opening for my friend when she came home from a break with a new suitcase full of winter clothes. It is easy to bring more things than you need, but the simple dresser, closet, and desk we are provided makes most of us take a second look at what we have.

For me, I noticed that I did not wear half of the clothes I brought with me, and when I saw my parents, I sent them back with the extra clothes and supplies that I did not actually need and had no use for. It left more room when I got more fall and winter clothes, and it makes my life a lot easier because I know exactly what options I have to wear.

But, aside from the moral judgments others make about it, living in mess can negatively affect our mental and physical health.

Dust, mold, and pet sheddings that collect in messy homes are all bad for allergies and asthma. Mess also makes it harder to relax, it can lead to anxiety and guilt, can inhibit creativity and affect performance.

It is very easy to forget to put things away or place them somewhere else with the intention of putting it away later. But most people forget to do that, leaving their laundry thrown on the floor instead of in the laundry bin, or throwing paper into the trash can instead of taking an extra minute to put it in the recycling bin.

I am not going to deny that life is busy, but an extra minute is not going to kill anyone. I have determined that I will never be able to be messy, and I am trying in vain to convince my friends to take the extra minute, but not everyone has the same drive to clean that I do.

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