Why I'm Obsessed With Comfort Colors Tees

Why I'm Obsessed With Comfort Colors Tees

It's mostly because of the comfort and the colors.

True Life: I'm obsessed with Comfort Colors.

I never thought I'd become one of those "basic sorority girls" who can delineate between brands of t-shirts and who has a favorite, but here I sit in a brick (that's the official color title, and yes, I did know that off the top of my head) Comfort Colors tee that's probably three inches longer than it was when I put it on this morning, and several shades different than it was before its first wash.

I'm also quick to admit to people who ask me my favorite color that it's Comfort Colors crunchberry. I have a serious problem.

On September 2, 2015, Comfort Colors by Chouinard announced they're ceasing operations in their home state of Vermont because they recently sold out to Gildan Activewear. My heart is breaking because I hate Gildan tees, but the Gildan spokeswoman assures us, "By consolidating that (work) into our modern, large-scale facilities, Gildan aims at improving its supply chain efficiency and enhancing its customer service." There may be light at the end of this tunnel after all.

In light of this recent news, I want to profess my love for Comfort Colors, which make up a good chunk of my college kid closet and is my go-to garment along with my Chacos and shorts. Here are three main reasons some of my most prized possessions are my CC tees:

1. The Comfort

I'm not quite sure what heavenly grade of cotton these fine preshrunk articles are woven from in the great nation of Honduras, but it's absolutely incredible. It's like wearing a blanket around in public, but without all the weird looks and the sweat. They're easy on the eyes and easy on the skin, not to mention the fact that they stretch with you as you go about your business and are available in both long- and short-sleeved options as well as sweatshirts and tanks, and occasionally come with a fabulous frocket.

2. The Colors

I'm pretty sure these sweet tees are available in every shade you could ever want, and this box of swatches confirms my suspicions.

They also have the cutest and most creative names for their colors, like Tumbleweed, Paprika, Monterrey Sage, and my personal favorite, Mystic Blue. So mystical. So magical.

3. The Quality

Comfort Colors tees are generally a little bit pricier than other brands, but it's worth every penny for the upgrade. With the stretchiness and durability of the cotton, your Comfort Colors tees will never befall a tragedy like the massive armpit holes other tees are infamous for. When somebody tells me to dress up, I immediately know that they're obviously implying to go with the Comfort Colors over the Hanes Beefy. Obviously.

The next time you hear somebody at chapter or a club meeting asking if the mandatory tee is Comfort Colors, don't laugh or judge. They're probably the smartest and most stylish person in the room. When T-Swizzle sang "we never go out of style," she was clearly singing to her favorite Comfort Colors tee, and that's something she'll never write a breakup song about.

Cover Image Credit: Original Photography by Mary Blackwell

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Buying Bathing Suits Online Is The Worst

Online Shopping isn't for everyone, sadly.


With Spring Break right around the corner, I find myself online shopping more than usual. I would say I'm somewhat an online-shopping connoisseur, meaning I do it CONSTANTLY. However, just because I'm always online shopping doesn't mean I actually buy the clothes I put into my shopping cart; it's fun imagining I have a bottomless wallet, okay! Online shopping can get time-consuming and can lead you down a dark hole -I know this from experience; I often find myself aimlessly staring, scrolling, and clicking for two hours or more. This can become a problem if I have homework or exams to study for, but it's hard to just stop, there are just too many stores and clothes to get through!

One issue that seems to follow me whenever I decide to online shop is picking the right size and PRAYING it'll fit me. Online shopping doesn't give you the liberty of trying on different sizes until you find the right match; instead, it's a guessing game full of anxiety and ultimately regret if it doesn't fit.

I know the feeling of regret way too often, for I'm a very tiny girl who just so happens to have a very large bust, making it extremely hard to pick what size would be most flattering and appropriate. It gets really frustrating when I can't buy some of the things I want due to my body, and gets even more frustrating when I can't buy cheap and cute bathing suits like most girls my age.

Since my body is extremely unproportional, I have to get two different sizes for my bathing suits -a small for the bottom and a large/extra large for the top. However, for some unknown reason, online bathing suit companies decided to only offer their two-piece sets in one size. For example, you can only buy a bathing suit in a size small top and small bottom, medium top and medium bottom, large top, and large bottom, etc. It's ridiculous and unfair to assume that every girl is built to be the same size in her butt and bust!

I know they're just bathing suits, but this issue represents the struggles I have endured my entire life trying to find clothes that flatter my body; I'm constantly wishing I had an easier body-type to dress, not only for comfort but for convenience. It seems small, but I want to be able to buy a cute bathing suit online like all of my friends. However, I won't be granted this luxury until these bathing suit companies realize their sizing is exclusive and unjust.

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