Observations Of A Soon-To-Be College Grad

Observations Of A Soon-To-Be College Grad

Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.

I am finally finished with my senior year of classes, except Hebrew. (Again, that is a story for another day). Anyway, graduation is on the horizon as most of you may know. This has gotten me thinking of all of the Professors at the school who have helped me along the way and some of those who haven’t.

First, I would like to talk about my degree. I am lucky to be a part of an amazing Hospitality program here at C of C. I decided on my major during my Freshman year and I never looked back. My sister, on the other hand, is a biology major. I wouldn’t say she regrets choosing her major, but she regrets where she did it. Watching the way I have been taught compared to the way her classes are formatted honestly blows my mind.

It got me to question why some professors act the way they do. I guess this is sort of similar to an article I wrote a year ago, but I still have some things to say about it. I can name over five professors from the business school who have impacted my life. Not only have they influenced the way I look at things, but they have helped me strive for greatness day after day.

If I’m struggling with a course, most of my professors have been helpful. They want me to succeed and they do everything they can to help me reach my goals.

A lot of them have encouraged me more than I could have ever imagined, giving me a sense of confidence I didn't have before. They have helped make me feel capable of doing and being more.

I mean, I am not surprised, it is an insanely successful hospitality program after all. In contrast, Drew can name at least five professors who have put her through absolute hell. For me, that has only been Hebrew (Cue an incredibly disgusted eye roll at the fact that we are required to take four semesters of a language at C of C.)

I know how great and influential professors can be. So, when I have professors or hear stories about them where they do not go out of their way to help students or intentionally make the class incredibly difficult to pass, I get angry. Yes, make us learn and challenge us.

But, don’t make us fail or fear we won’t pass while we continue to go above and beyond. I know some students don’t try. However, for those of us that do, don’t discourage us. Don't count us out because of the people who aren't taking the course seriously. It creates more harm than good.

Also, understand that some students aren't great test takers.

I have struggled for years with test anxiety and I know that I'm not the only one. This should be taken more seriously and exams really shouldn't be the primary form of "testing". For some people, this isn't the best way to test their abilities. Everyone is different and no one learns the same.

Furthermore, Professors can make it hard to grasp a concept and prevent people from truly learning as well as wanting to learn. When students want to know more and are properly engaged, they absorb more.

Finance is one of the hardest classes in the business school. A lot of people fail and have to retake it, but I was lucky enough to get a professor that was excited to see us every morning. He was there whenever we needed help. He ALWAYS had a smile on his face. He taught us what we needed to know and prepared us for what was going to be on our exams. He ensured us not to worry about our grades because his primary focus was all of us learning and carrying that knowledge with us. He knew what he was teaching was difficult and always checked with us during class to ensure we were all on the same page.

I love Charleston, but for the city, my friends and the Beatty School of Business.

If I were a biology major, I would have probably transferred by now. I have to give my sister props for accomplishing what she has. She has been pushed down and felt defeated more times than I can count. On the bright side, she has come out on top, just like we all knew she would (with little to no help from the science department).

Here are a few notes before I end this rant of mine:

As teachers, you are here to teach us, inspire us, influence us and help shape who we will become. Please don’t make it miserable for us to learn about something that is already a difficult subject. Make us want to come to class and learn what we don’t know.

We chose our majors for a reason and I know that every class isn’t interesting, but great professors can still find a way to make it exciting. The best feeling is coming out of a class you thought you’d hate but you end up loving. For me, that was Business Law because I had an unbelievable professor.

All I am trying to say is, build us up, don’t break us down.

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Why Being An Enneagram Type 2 Is The Best

"Love is our supreme value, and we talk about it constantly."


Okay, let me tell you. I got into the Enneagram very early in my freshman year of college, and have since become obsessed. I remember the very first time I read the description for my type, two, and I seriously felt so called out-- but in, like, the best way.

Type twos are found in the heart center, and are among some of the most, empathetic, loving, and nurturing types there are.

If you a fellow ennea-expert, identify as a type two, or know someone who identifies as a type two; this is for you.

P.S: If you haven't taken the enneagram but find yourself wanting to after this article, here is the link.

P.P.S: Just because you may have been "typed" as a certain enneagram number, it doesn't mean that they are putting you in a box with other people. Every person in each type is fundamentally and intrinsically different. Not only that, but any one type can carry traits of any other type. It's all a part of being human.

P.P.P.S: One last thing! One of my favorite musical artists, Ryan O'Neal from Sleeping at Last, is working on an entire concept album encompassing all of the Enneagram types! Out now are types one through seven (eight and nine coming soon). His music is literally some of the most beautiful art I've ever heard, filled with meaning, specificity, sensitivity and depth. He also has podcasts on his songs wherein he talks about how they are made, and it's just so fascinating to hear all about the process.

If you're curious, here are the links to his website and to his Enneagram song, titled,"Two". :)

OKAY. Now on why being an Enneagram Type 2 is da-bomb.

1. Love is our supreme value.

Okay. Anybody who knows the twos knows that we LOVE love. That's pretty much the most obvious thing about us. Out of the womb, love is what we come out singing. We live our lives through it, and often our passions or occupations run hand in hand with the instinctive pull towards sharing as much love as possible.

For me, once I figured out I was a type 2, pretty much my whole life made sense. It made sense that I do theatre and share stories because I want to spread love and help people change their lives and feel included through the form of art. It made sense why I felt so strongly about people, why I was highly emotional, why my standards of love and relationships have always been so high, and why chic flics were my jam when I was a child (and still are).

We love loving. Ask us what any of our values are, and the answer will 99.9% of the time trace back to love.

2. Giving to others is what makes us happy.

Twos love giving, emotionally and physically. We are constantly wanting to make sure that our friends, partners, families and loved ones are taken care of and feeling well. If you know a two, you probably hear the words, "How are you?", "I care about you", "I love you", "I am always here for you", and "Let me know if you need anything", more often than not.

We're also those people who want to get way too many presents at Christmas for various people even though our college budget says #no.

3. We find joy in the little things.

Ask any two what we value the most aside from love, they're likely to be things with emotional or sentimental value. Typically, we could care less about the type of car we have, whether our husband is a millionaire, or the latest social trend.

We tend to care about things that can be found off of the phone, and inside of someones mind, heart or arms. We love little mementos that hold precious memories, written letters from cherished people, and cuddling on a lazy Sunday afternoon. We value the true, deep connection that is really the only thing left when all else fades.

4. Who doesn't love hugs?

Twos loooooove, Love, LOVE giving (and receiving) affection. Often, we use physical touch as a means to demonstrate just how much we care for someone. We're often told that we are great huggers, even if we are teeny-tiny human beings.

It gives us so much inward pleasure just to let someone fall into our arms and give them the biggest squeeze. Sometimes what humans need is not based in words, but in the pure fact of being there. Give us hugs! Let us hug you! We love it!

5. We are a force that our world needs!

Hello, big finale. This is the most important one, second to the side note at the bottom. Twos are so, extremely important to the world that we are living in today. That may sound like a relatively selfish thing for a two to say, but it's actually in everyone's best interest that you realize the force you can be in this world. Today, we are faced with so much pain, hurt, violence, inequality, prejudice, disconnectedness, and hate. Now, this is a terrible, terrible weight for such huge empaths to carry on our shoulders. At times, it can feel like we feel all of the excruciating pain in this world that there is all at one time. It can be exhausting.

This being said, it is important that you find your support system to share the weight with. From there, you have all the natural love in your heart to share with the world. Take all of that hate that you see, that we see every single day-- and slather it with love. Know that the traits that you have as a two do not make you alone. They make you special. They make you powerful. They make you infused with the power to change the world. Combat the negative. Love will win. Love will always win.


Although I have just went through some of the most blessed things about being a Two, it is important that I put a note here about sensitivity. Because we are so loving, because our natural instinct is to give, and because we feel the emotions of others so strongly-- it is imperative that we take any and all measures to protect ourselves.

The only way that you, as a two, are going to be able to give all of that powerful love to others is if you have fully met your own needs first. People look to us for an example of what it's like to love unconditionally, and that is why it's important to show them first-hand what self-care means. It sounds like the impossible challenge, but once you've learned to love and care for yourself-- the world will glow from the genuine love and care that you radiate from your nurtured soul.

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