An Obscure Indie Playlist
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11 Songs Every Obscure Indie Playlist Needs

Now you can impress even the pickiest of hipsters.

11 Songs Every Obscure Indie Playlist Needs

Here is a compilation of some low-key tracks that really slap, and they'll impress any of your alt-indie fanatic friends. I found many of these through my college radio station, Radio K, here at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Add them to your obscure-soft-rock-weirdo playlist, and check out your local collegiate station (bonus hipster points if you have a means of listening to radio that isn't in your car or live streaming).

1. Frankie Cosmos - "Fool"

Warning: listener may feel strong urges to profess their love to their crush. Short and a little bittersweet, this song is mellow, even though the lyrics are all about unrequited love (and we all know how painful that is).

2. Rainbow Kitten Surprise - "First Class"

I love "Cocaine Jesus," but "First Class" has a palpable desperation sure to move any hipster heart. With acoustic guitar, arching harmonies and heart-wrenching lyrics, this song is a playlist staple.

3. DOPE LEMON - "Marinade"

This semi-spoken word track has a great pace for walking to class. Echoing vocals and guitar riffs reminiscent of Modest Mouse make for a savory, steady march of an indie song.

4. SALES - "Renee"

SALES has great "bedroom pop" vibes. Spunky yet sultry, the plucky guitars and Lauren Morgan's voice set a subtly flirtatious tone. Add this one or "Getting It On" to your make-out playlist.

5. Hana Vu - "Crying on the Subway"

"Crying on the Subway" is a true mood that Hana Vu encapsulates perfectly with dreamy guitars and killer bass. After seeing your boo with someone new on campus, listen to this song to ease your pain as the Green Line whisks you away.

6. Big Thief - "Mythological Beauty"

Great staring-out-the-window-at-the-rain material. "You're All Caught Up Inside" will get you caught up every time. The rest of the lyrics don't make a lot of sense, but the strong emotions conveyed will leave you feeling a tad more emo than usual.

7. Cocteau Twins - "Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops"

Cocteau released this song in 1984, and it made an appearance on "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" soundtrack in 2012. The soft, alternative-rock vibes would compliment anything by The Cure or The Smiths perfectly.

8. Beach Fossils - "This Year"

A deceptively cheerful sounding song about trying to overcome mental health issues. Their atmospheric, poppy song is countered by the weight of the lyrics, which describe wanting to change for the better.

9. The Beths - "Future Me Hates Me"

A jam about wanting someone who you know is bad for you. The guitars in this one will make you want to start your own underground band, and the lyrics are applicable to love (yet also surprisingly applicable to procrastination): "Future me hates me more / hates me more."

10. Hazel English - "Fix"

A song for driving with the windows down on a sunny afternoon. The lyric "I wanna feel alive" repeats throughout this song, and Hazel English's soft yet sure voice will make anyone want to go on a daytime adventure.

11. Sylvan Esso - "Rewind"

A nice groovy tune, perfect for playing in art museum gift shops. This track is a great bookend for a playlist with its steady beat and unique sound, and offers the opportunity to "rewind" and start your indie playlist all over again.

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