10 Thoughts You Have If You Have An Obscure Major
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Student Life

10 Thoughts You Have If You Have An Obscure Major

Seriously, I just want my major to be recognized.

10 Thoughts You Have If You Have An Obscure Major
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As a Speech-Language Pathology Healthcare Track Major, I've experienced a lot of things that people with a "normal" major don't. If you also have an obscure major you might relate to these thoughts too.

Also, did you know you can major in Jazz? Seriously, look it up.

1. What department am I even in?

I'm somehow in the College of Education, specifically Special Education with no teaching certification and a health track emphasis. What?

2. Who is my adviser?

Because I have no idea what my program's college is, I have no idea who my adviser is supposed to be. Someone please just tell me what classes to take and how I can get enough credits to graduate.

3. Does anyone on this campus have the same major as me?

I haven't met anyone with the same major as me, but somehow my friend of a friend's roommate is also in SLP? And the program is still going, so it must have students, right? Right?

4. How do I explain my major?

Being a SLP major I typically just say I'm going into Speech Therapy and they get the gist eventually.

5. I really want to see my major on one of those lists

You know the ones. "Which Office Character Are You According To Your Major". I guess I'm going with the education major because that's the closest.

6. What would happen if they cut my program?

There are few Universities that provide my program, so I'm screwed. Also I can't just jump from one program to another-- I joined this specific major for a reason! Where would I go?

7. It would be so much easier if my major was ordinary

Why don't I just give up and become an education major? That way I would know what my college of study even is!

8. I want to do internships but I can't find any programs

Job shadowing is easier because there's usually people who work in the field you're perusing, but there usually aren't clear internships specifically for your major. I want to go to Disney or work at Denso, but how is that going to help me teach kids how to speak properly?

9. Am I cheating on my major if I join organizations that aren't specifically my major?

Because there are NO clubs for my major, is it really that bad if I join clubs for English majors or Journalist majors? I'm just gaining experience, no harm done.

10. Seriously, I just want to be recognized that my major is a thing...

That's it. Just acknowledge that I'm here. Please.

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Student Life

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