Nutrition and Food Myths: BUSTED
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Nutrition and Food Myths: BUSTED

The new magical health genius may not know "healthy" from "unhealthy".

Nutrition and Food Myths: BUSTED

I am here to expose some of the most common nutrition and food myths and explain why you shouldn't be concerned with them.

Here is some food for thought...

1. Egg (the yolk) is bad for your heart.

People buy into this myth due to the amount of cholesterol egg yolk contains; however, the cholesterol consumed by eating egg yolk isn't any worse than any other cholesterol one receives from consuming animal-based products. 

As long as you are eating a normal amount of cholesterol each day, and not going over the recommended daily allowance, the yolk of the egg is not the enemy. 

2. Radiation from the microwave creates dangerous compounds in your food. 

Microwaves, radio waves, and the waves from the visual light we see are all forms of radiation. Microwaves are not strong enough to damage the foods we eat, and no, if you stand in front of the microwave your head will not blow up, and you won't get cancer. And no, you don't need a sarcophagus for your cell phone.

3. Going on a juice diet will cleanse the toxins from your body

Your body is an amazing machine that has cleansing powers of its own. They are called the liver, the kidneys and the spleen. While juice provides your body with certain antioxidants, there is no evidence that it detoxes your body from toxins. The juice diet is like saying it's okay to eat a tub of ice cream if you put blueberries on top.

4. Fat makes you fat

Healthy fats (no, that's not an oxymoron), such as nuts, olive oil, avocados, and canola oil have actually been proven to help lower cholesterol levels and reduce blood pressure. Avoiding all fats in a diet is in no way beneficial.

5. Energy drinks help keep you energized

While energy drinks will provide a short burst of energy, this energy won't last long. This quick buzz is due to the high amounts of sugar, caffeine and stimulants that energy drinks contain. Eating, sleeping and hydrating are better options for you.

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