A November Nightmare
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A November Nightmare

Angry at America

A November Nightmare
Megan Hassing

I voted for my first time. I was so happy that my first vote would help get a woman in the White House. When the news came in that trump won, it was like a blow to the head. I could not comprehend how something so incredibly ridiculous. How could this happen? I realized how much a Trump presidency could impact this country drastically, and I was mortified.

I am scared and angry that Trump won. I don't care if you don't like Hilary, it is far better to have a well-educated, experienced, and intelligent person with a few suspicious emails be our president than a jerk who treats anyone who is not a straight, white man like trash. Sure, Hilary had missing emails, but Trump is missing basic human decency.

It scares me that America will be set back 50 years. A racist, sexist regime is not going to "make America great again". Trump's ideals are from eras where races were segregated and women couldn't vote. News flash, those days were not the glory days just because they were in the past. We are supposed to learn from our mistakes, but that is a concept is lost on both Trump and Pence.

Pence advocates conversion therapy. How can you support someone who supports that? Watch The Imitation Game and tell me how you feel about conversion therapy after that. We are all human beings and should be treated as such.

I am scared for every minority. The fact that Trump isn't even president yet and so much violence has already happened scares me even more. People who support Trump keep saying that we need to accept him as president and deal with it. Well, after the Republicans complained every year of Obama's presidency, we have the right to complain about Trump. A presidency that takes away the rights of so many is more of a dictatorship, and we cannot be okay with that.

As a woman, it astounds me that other women, especially those who are educated, can support a man who would have no qualms about personally violating women. Everybody, no matter the race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation, has the right to feel safe. If I were in a room with Trump, I know that I would not feel safe.

So don't tell me to accept Trump as president. Don't tell me that it's not that big of a deal. This straight, white man will not only be running our country, but how people will see our country. Children should not have to grow up under the reign of a man who makes them feel uncomfortable in their own skin. I will not submit to the regime of Trump and Pence.

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