#NotMyPresident Might Hurt America More!
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Politics and Activism

#NotMyPresident Might Hurt America More!

Why people are really upset over the election...

#NotMyPresident Might Hurt America More!

(Warning: This article contains opinions that may be different from those who support #NotMyPresident, and may cause a "trigger" or two... maybe)

So, to whoever side you were on for the 2016 presidential race, whoever you thought would be the better leader for the next 4 to 8 years, or whoever you picked to be the “best option” or “the less evil one,” one thing became very clear and present when the results came in: people decided to act the only way they knew how to in response to the results. As I am writing this, it is E-Day +2, and the more I see from both party supporters, the more that it keeps reminding me of this one particular song from my favorite ska band: That everyone seems to be jerks about the whole thing!

I encourage people to listen to this song, because it could be about you, the person in the streets of Chicago, New York, Oakland, wherever else, that wants your voice heard and refuses to believe the truth of what is in front of you, and hating everyone that doesn’t see things to your unique perspective. This also applies to those who will see a legal foreign citizens walking down the street, and decide to chuck your beer bottle at them, threatening that your candidate is going to deport them to make this nation great once more. If you are reading this, and you can be honest with yourself for just a moment, then maybe this might wake you up. This song seems to sum up my feelings of both sides when involved in not only this election, but the aftermath of the results with the #NotMyPresident movement.

When someone takes office of the United States presidency, there always needs to be some form of mutual respect between not only the former and current president coming into the office, but as a nation that must endure or encourage the new leader with some form of reverence to the situation at hand, despite how the election process went. However, when things like #NotMyPresident shows up, this is the perfect example on what NOT to do. My thoughts on the movement is, to be impartial, is the biggest piece of arrogant, narcissistic, pity party to come out of this election. It kind of reminds me when Obama took office and every conservative took to those same cities in droves of thousands to protest the recent democratic president in the same manner of property damage and yelling at the left-wing to kill themselves off. You remember that right? Oh wait, you don’t? Oh that’s right, because IT NEVER HAPPENED. The only backlash I that I’m pretty sure happened was that the right winged conservatives went home, cracked open Johnny Walker, shed a few tears and swears, got about half way down the bottle, passed out, and went to work the next day hung over and somber over the results on who was going to be their president for the next few years. This might not have applied to everyone, but hey, it isn’t that far fetched to believe. If that was the worst that could happen, without property damage, streets and businesses being burnt to the ground, and the utter disregard of the election results, then it wasn’t all that bad of a night. The events being unfolded before us seems to be stemming from a commonplace belief that has been forming in the past 8 years, slowly but surely.

There seems to be a poison of political correctness that has rebirthed itself since Obama has been in office. If there is one thing that I can easily point out over the past 8 years, since I am older than most of you who read the articles on this site, I have noticed a slow growth in political correctness came up within the subculture of a narcissist lifestyle among those who are the most upset with this election. This is all in due to social media as the main culprit, which seems to make people individuality and self-worth have more value than other people who view the same world differently than they do.

Social media has become a very sharp double edge sword, while making it easier to connect to other people across the globe, it’s also adding in social, single-minded isolation. Social media has made it so easy for people to create their own little world bubble, and made it even easier for people to avoid other people popping their bubble, and lashing out at any threat of a single, small prick of differing viewpoints to burst their bubble. On the plus side, it made it easy for people with like-minded bubbles to be around others of the same mindset, which only grew that bubble even more. The one thing that was never learned by those who have lived in their bubble for so long was that once that bubble was popped, what do you do then? Well, the people that elected their candidate that won the election finally popped that bubble, and it seemed to have made a large mess of things, a mess that the people in the bubble don’t know how to handle very well.

This is how I see that bubble burst mess for those supporting #NotMyPresident. I understand those involved in the movement are upset at the results and need to vocally find a way to state their opinions through speaking freely about it. Freedom of speech grants us this right, and it is good to see it being used. However, there is a difference from peacefully protesting the voting results, to causing property damage and burning the American flag. We saw this same thing happen in the 60’s, and it seems that history, and people's hearts, are there to repeat that era once again 50 years later. It boggles my mind that people who want America to be a great place to live in will turn into hateful savages and cause mass destruction as a way to “peacefully protest” their grievances. There is a simple explanation to why all this is happening, which comes to the heart of the real issue.

The true heart of the issue, through my viewpoint, is that people are naturally selfish, afraid, and fearful and that their heart is trusting a government built by mankind will, in time, always fail at keeping their status and promises. We all have our own unique viewpoints, and while there is nothing wrong with that since that is what makes us unique, the real challenge isn’t to push our own agenda on others to change the world, but by finding ways to reach out to those who differ from us with compromising agendas. The best way to change a person, and the world, is to reach out to your enemies, and to have in your heart to hope for the best for them. If people really love this country, despite if they agree on who is being inaugurated on January 21st, 2017, then have in the right mindset to do what they can to show support to their new leader.

If the conservatives were able to survive having Obama in office for 8 years, then the liberals can survive and support the new president with that much support. That is how you show love to others, not by protesting into “getting your way” because you don’t agree with the outcome of the election. You don’t show love by having signs read out things of offensive content children shouldn’t see, and you also don’t show love by despising those who supported the candidate by having a pre-rendered mindset that all the supporters share the same attitude as the new leader. People have their reasons for voting in this election, but in the end, everyone made the best choice and hoped for the best outcome. I will also say this: if you are someone that didn’t vote in this election, but had every opportunity to do so, but never took it, then you have ZERO SAY on your opinion. I personally respect those who had a say in this election by voting than for those to put that right on others to vote for them, then bitch about how the results came out differently than how they “imagined” it to be.

The other issue I’m seeing from this is how social media is causing more problems on the results than actually being part of the solution. Left wing supporters seem to be in a fear frenzy that the new president will trample on their personal views and beliefs, which the new president hasn’t done or said anything to threaten those values. It’s the paranoia of something to happen that may never happen, and that seems to fuel the movement even further. Mankind is a fickle race, and when something changes that wasn’t predicted or established as the norm, they go into a frenzy of panic and fear as their first sign of unacceptance of the situation. To bring in an analogy, this reminds me heavily of the Twilight Zone episode “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street,” where within one evening, the residents on a particular street corner are met with fear of the unknown when things just stop working for them. They know things are wrong, but they can never come to grips on how to properly handle their predicament without fear being involved, and instantly lash out on what they think their enemy is without knowing the real cause of what was going on. The ending to the episode is a mirrored reflection to how the election results have created, because that fear and uncertainty was already there to begin with in the hearts of those supporting #NotMyPresident. The episode does reveal who the true monsters are, which I can see that be reflected to the real evil that reflects in the election. Please check out the episode in below when you get a chance.

Regardless if you agree or disagree with what I wrote, the real question of the matter is what you will do with my words. Is my post going to be slandered on Twitter by a left-wing supporter that only finds two or three things to cite to twist my wording to support his or her beliefs, and not give the credited link to see the rest of the article? Or, will someone nod in agreement and use that as the kindle to their right-wing agenda on forums like Stromfront towards a hateful rhetorical argument? My words can be used however you deemed to see fit, but I just ask that you reference the whole article. This is just one opinion of millions on the election, some may agree, and others may disagree. That’s the only positive thing about what social media should be all about, the freedom to express opinions despite what the popular culture is for or against. People need differing opinions to see because that shows how we are all different. By censoring out a person speech, even if not popular, only strengthens true bigotry, hate speech, and narcissism across the internet.

I am a firm believer of having the internet being free for all viewpoints, but I’m not against censoring differing opinions like what Social Justice Warriors, LGBT, and left-wing supporters seem to be supporting. It’s amazing that I have always looked at the left-wing supporters as people who want freedom of speech and expression, but are doing more to police that action than the right-wing supporters. That’s how it was when I was in my teen years, but now that mindset has morphed into an ugly monster that is more dangerous than I could have ever imagined. If we are all believers of freedom of expression and speech, then why are social media outlets suspending celebrities that support the decision of the election? That to me is so hypocritical to what the left-wing supporters are supposed to be about. That isn’t justice, that is just another side of bigotry that is forming to be the majority commonplace idea. If we were taught to be tolerant of others opinions and beliefs, then why is something like #NotMyPresident even happening?

Regardless of what side you support, the bottom line is the conservatives are having their leader elected, and the liberals are hoping they can survive day by day. If you are a conservative, reach out to those hurting from this election with the kind of love I shared earlier in my post. And to the liberals, do not have any hate towards those who you see as your enemy, because they might be the help you need. The real trouble in this election is that people were so focused on political labels as a way of identifying themselves that they forgot to identify as human beings. When people have labels, there is an instant detachment from others who do not share that label, and a form of mental elitism begins to arise. That is also the other main issues that has caused #NotMyPresident to form, because we have simply forgotten what it was like to value others before a political party label. You are not just a Race/Gender/Sexual orientation/Political position person in America, you are a human damn being first and foremost. The moment your labels control you, that is the moment you lose what being a person is all about. We have a long 4 years ahead of us, so we all need to make the best of it. At least on the bright side, we might get a "That's My Trump!" tv show out of the whole deal, which to me is totally worth it.

So how has this post affected you? Do you feel that I need to be corrected, or I didn't do to bad of a job? Leave your comments below, i'd like to hear from you.

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