Not Your Typical Pretty

Poetry On Odyssey: Not Your Typical Pretty

Are you offended by my muscles?

Just wait until you feel my knuckles.


It's okay to feel like you're not pretty enough, we all do it. Women have been given unrealistic standards to meet, but not every girl wants to look like a Barbie doll. And that's okay too. Here's to you, because you are beautiful, no matter what other people tell you. So stop comparing yourself to others, and start realizing that they should compare themselves to you. An ode to the women that struggle with self-image: may my words be the inspiration you need.

You say my face isn't pretty enough

Just because I don't wear makeup

You judge me because I don't look like the others,

you judge me for the skin I cover

Do my t-shirts bother you?

I don't care

I have nothing to prove

You say I'm not skinny,

you judge me because my size

isn't mini

But the number

double zero

means nothing to me

Women's appearances shouldn't be open to commentary

My shorts are long

My sweatpants are saggy

But your opinions?

They mean nothing to me

You judge me because I'm not thin

You judge me because I don't have perfect skin

You say I don't act like a lady

You say that I'm wild and crazy

You say I'm loud

You say I'm proud,

that I have no humility

but you don't have the right to judge my personality

And what do you really mean?

I am kind and humble

Why can't you see?

My morals are good

I always stick up for others

It's not my fault you weren't raised right by your mother.

You judge me because I don't like to party

but I'd rather live my life sober than be arrested, darling

You pretend everything is normal

You pretend everything is equal

But have you ever been judged for your clothes hair or skin?

Have you ever been treated differently for the group that you're in?

You think you know what it's like

going through life

worrying about your self-image

but you've been given the ideal world to live in

No one judges your appearance

No one judges your size

So what makes it right for you to judge mine?

Do you forget that I notice my flaws too?

Do my feelings just not matter to you?

So next time you speak

take a minute to think

take a minute to see

that my outward beauty doesn't make me complete

And who are you to judge?

You don't even know what lies beneath

My mom always told me

to only say the nice things

So why does that not apply to you?

Why are you exempt from that rule?

I like being loud

I like being outspoken

I have no problem with voicing my opinion

I don't feel the need to conform to your definition

I'd rather live my life with ambition

So take some time and look beyond what you see

and you'll find there's beauty within me

You'll find there's hope to be shared

and someone who really cares

You'll find someone who is intelligent,

someone who is affectionate

But all that matters to you

is the way I style my hair?

All that matters to you

are the designer clothes I don't wear?

Why do you only see what's on the outside?

Why don't you care about my strength or my mind?

Are you offended by my muscles?

Just wait until you feel my knuckles.

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10 Pieces Of Advice From My Parents That Have Helped Me Survive This Thing Called Life

I don't like admitting that they're right, but they've helped me through more than they'll ever know.


As I've entered my 20s and have made it halfway through college, I've learned that life can be hard and challenging at times. Like many kids, when I was growing up, I could care less about what my parent's advice or opinions were. Nine times out of ten, I would do the complete opposite of what they said. Once I got older and actually started listening to their advice and put it into perceptive, I learned that they're right more often than I'd like to admit.

1. Don't take things for granted

leonardo dicaprio

I've learned to cherish what I have because I might not always have it. It's easy to take life itself and many things it involves for granted. They've taught me to take a step back from this crazy life sometimes and be grateful for all that I have.

2. Don't be afraid to put your heart on your sleeve


My parents have taught me that if you feel something, don't be afraid to say it or embrace it. If you love someone, then tell them. Don't be afraid to put your heart out there just because you might get hurt.

3. Be vulnerable

risk taking

In life, in relationships, in your work. Take risks, get shot down, and then try again. Being vulnerable is scary yet so powerful.

4. You can never have too many shoes


Otherwise known as it's okay to treat yourself. Life is hard, so take care of you. If that means going on a shopping spree every once in a while, then so be it.

5. You're going to be okay

finding nemo

Whatever it is you're going through, you're going through it and you're going to come out on the other side. It may seem horrible now, but you'll learn from it and be okay in the end.

6. You have to have friends in life


It's important to have people to lean on, especially on your bad days, and to celebrate with on your good ones. You can't just have you or a significant other to rely on.

7. Never be afraid to share your opinion

laverne cox

Don't be afraid to put your thoughts and opinions out there because they might be wrong. They could have a huge impact on someone or something.

8. Don't stress over things you have no control over

don't stress

Everyone is on their own path, which means everything will work out the way it's supposed to, even if it doesn't make sense right now. Again, you're going to be okay.

9. Happy, healthy, wealthy, wise


My dad always says if you tell yourself every day that you're happy with yourself or your life, you're healthy and strong, you're wealthy in love and surrounded by great people, and you're knowledgable or wise, then you can achieve anything in life.

10.  S*** or get off the pot

pitch perfect

My all-time favorite piece of advice. Making decisions can be hard and scary, especially if the outcome could be getting hurt in the end. So, you either make a decision and roll with it no matter the outcome or you walk away.

Thanks, mom and dad for always being a phone call away when I need it! Just know that your advice and words of wisdom don't go unnoticed. For others, your parents have been on this planet much longer than you have and most likely experienced the same situations that you're dealing with. They don't have all the answers, but they are there to help.

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