I'm Not The Party Girl Anymore And I'm Ok With That

Whenever I used to think of college, I used to think of those shows or movies like "Blue Mountain State." All of those shows and movies showed college to be crazy fun on the weekends because you have to get trashed and party all night long.

I used to think it was crazy cool to go to different college campuses and party it up. I used to think that was really cool until I went to “the party school” of my state and had the worst time ever (Drugs were flying around, frat boys were scheming and the cops were handing out tickets left and right). After that, I just stopped wanting to go out, mainly for the fear that something was going to happen to my friends or myself, but also the fact that I wasn’t truly having a great time.

At my high school graduation party, I kept getting asked one question: “Oh, Stephanie, are you ready for those crazy parties every weekend?” I just smiled and nodded, knowing that I really didn’t want to go out. My mom sent me to school with a couple of bottles of “fun juice,” and I’m five weeks into school and I haven’t touched any of them, and honestly, I have no desire to.

The first two weeks of the school year, I went to two parties: one with my friends and the other with my boyfriend and our friends. The first party was just a regular college party. You know, the typical douchey guys hitting on freshmen girls because “they’re easy,” girls who try too hard to impress guys who won’t remember their names in the morning and the loud shitty music that makes your ears ring like crazy once you get outside.

The second party was a little better because my boyfriend and our friends were there to make it fun, but it was just as boring as the first. We went in, stayed for about 20 minutes, and my boyfriend and I ended up leaving because we have a better time in bed, watching a shitty Netflix movie than at a party where the air reeks of weed and there are too many kids who can’t handle their alcohol.

So that’s truly it. I’m not that party girl anymore, and that is completely okay. I would much rather be sitting in my dorm room, watching "The Office" by myself than hanging out with “friends” who aren’t friends unless they want to go out and have a good time and need me to play “mom” for the night.

And no, I am not hating on anybody. If you want to go out and party it up, my god, go for it! I’m happy that you are happy when you’re out, but that’s not my life anymore, and I’m completely 100 percent okay with that.

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