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not quite 300 writing prompts

Short statements and questions that made me think from the book of "300 Writing Prompts."

not quite 300 writing prompts
Jenna Reed

For graduating high school, my lovely roommate for college got me a very sweet gift. She bought me a book full of lined pages with short statements and questions titled "300 Writing Prompts," so I decided to share some of the prompts that caught my attention and I have written about.

What do you need right now?

At the moment I responded to this prompt, I was in the middle of my spring college semester and this is what I responded.

"Right now - I need a long trip to somewhere warm. I'm dreaming of somewhere warm and sunny, to be on the beach with my hair smelling like ocean salt, skin smelling like sunshine and tanning lotion, laying on a towel with my toes in the sand and without a care in the world. So desperately do I wish to escape my world of biology flashcards and pointless papers, of bitchy girls who live below me in my dorm room, to get away from the drama of this place where I thought I was escaping to when I left high school but in reality it's 10x worse than before. Sometimes I miss home but even home doesn't appease me anymore. I'm California or Florida or Mexico dreaming just so for a moment I can escape this world of school and work and every other thing that is constantly flashing by me in my life.

Do you have a tattoo? What is it and why did you get it? If not, would you ever get one? What would the tattoo be, and what would it symbolize to you?

Since I wrote this, I have added two tattoos to myself so I will adjust what I had originally written to incorporate my new body art.

"Yes, I have four tattoos. The first one I got at 16 years old, is placed on the right side of my body on my ribcage. It says "grams" with a small heart. I got this tattoo because my grandma is one of my many favorite people in this world. I got this tattoo to symbolize that my love for my grandma, just like my tattoo, will be forever present. My second and fourth tattoos are matching with one of my favorite humans and one of my best friends, Megan. After graduating high school together and becoming closer friends, as Megan was soon leaving for her Boston adventure, we decided to get our matching heart tattoos on our shoulders to symbolize that no matter the distance away from each other, we would always be friends and we'd always be in each other's hearts. Our most recent matching tattoo is a small triangle with a mini line near the top that means "explore." We got these tattoos spontaneously in New York on our road trip from Massachusetts back to Michigan. Finally, the third tattoo that I have is on my left wrist that reads, "be brave," I got this tattoo to symbolize that no matter the obstacles you face, you can stand up and continue to be brave and keep going.

Does writing change you? How does writing make you a better person?

"I would definitely say that writing changes me. It has before and it continues to change me every time I write something new. It makes me a better person because I'm able to share my thoughts and do it in a way in which others who may have felt or feel the same way that I do or did. The thought that I can help even a single person with the words that I write, lightens my soul and makes me happier, and it's why I keep writing."

It's been said that it is the little things that make life worth living. Describe one (or several) of those little things.

"I absolutely agree that it is the little things that make life worth living. For me, there are many little things that brighten my mood and my day, and make my soul happier.

Spending time with my grandma, sitting together, discussing the Detroit Tigers and old time country music that she likes.

Binge-ing Criminal Minds after a long 10 hour shift at work.

Dipping my feet in the pool late at night when the water feels the warmest.

Reading my daily reminders every morning at 8:30 when they pop up and telling myself it will be a good day.

Seeing my nieces and nephews smile and hearing their laughs.

Hugging my mom, which always makes me feel better when I'm down.

The pointless and ridiculous conversations with my friends that always make me laugh.

Picking ripe strawberries off my hanging strawberry plant.

Laying in my air conditioned room on a hot day.

Floating on a raft in the pool, catching sun rays."

What do you think you are destined for in this life?

"I'm really not sure what I'm destined for in this life, but I know one thing for certain and that is that I will never stop until I reach success - that is good enough for me. I have a lot of goals in this life; I have a lot to work for. I plan on doing everything I can to achieve the goals I have set for myself in order to make myself and my family proud."

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