5 Not So Healthy Things We Do When We're Stressed

5 Not So Healthy Things We Do When We're Stressed

Have brownies ever let me down?

We are definitely all used to being stressed by now, and we've all acquired some habits and stressed out behaviors. Whether it's school, money, a job, multiple jobs, family, or the numerous other possibilities that might be pushing your buttons, it isn't unreasonable to need a distraction or some comfort. Some of us may be guilty of stress-eating and some may become complete hermits.

1. Dye your hair

As if a drastic change in your appearance will solve any of your problems. It's a nice distraction for some reason, though. The point is to do something nice and fun for yourself amidst all of the next semester tension and the strain of job hunting.

2. Eat and eat and eat

There's nothing food can't fix. Okay, maybe there are a lot of things food can't fix, but does that mean I still won't eat a box of microwavable taquitos in one day? I should add that none of what we eat when we're stressed is particularly healthy. Cheese makes me feel ways spinach never can.

3. So much coffee

Just the thought of coffee is so comforting. I don't care if it's 6 a.m., 12 p.m., or 12 a.m., I'm craving coffee. A warm beverage in the midst of your stress? Has anything stood the test of time like that? At a certain point move on to decaf, it's not really the goal to have 1000 milligrams of caffeine in your system, that'll just make everything worse. The stuff just tastes so darn good...

4. Me? Leave my room?

I have my laptop, some speakers, my cat. What else do I need? Sometimes we have to pretend the real world doesn't exist for a while. Cuddle your pets and watch some YouTube. Recharge your batteries and allow yourself to stop worrying for a second!

5. Watch a lot of HGTV and fill up your online shopping cart

While I'm definitely in no place to consider buying a beachfront property or spend $800 on clothes and home decor, I can dream. Once this stressful thing they call college is over and I've landed the job of my dreams, I'll be glad I have all this currently unusable knowledge about which tile to choose for my 4000 square foot house.

Remember, these aren't necessarily healthy mechanisms to cope with stress! We really should take this time to eat healthier, exercise more, and solve our problems. Anyways, I'll be eating this chocolate muffin and binge-watching Property Brothers if you need me.

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7 Things You Do If You’re One Of Those 'I Always Order Chicken Tenders' People

It's hard to love food but also hate it at the same time.


Growing up, my mom would usually have to cook me a separate dinner from my siblings. Why? Because I was ridiculously picky and wouldn't eat the same foods as everyone else. Trust me, it gets old. It's not my fault certain things just taste gross, you learn to live with it.

1. You eat something you hate just to see if you still hate it

I'll take a bite of a burger every once in a while just to reaffirm that it still tastes like dirt. I just have to know. Don't even get me started on vegetables.

2. When trying to explain what you actually like to eat, people give you major side eye

Don't ask me about my eating habits unless you want to get into a long, confusing conversation.

3. Eating at someone else’s house when you were younger was a pain

You hate to tell their parents just how much you hate the food that they gave you. So, you sucked it up and ate it anyway only to come home and whine to your parents.

4. There’s one thing on any menu you always fall back on...even if it’s on the kids menu

Pizza, maybe. Chicken tenders, always.

5. Trying a new food is a very proud moment

It's like, wow! Look at me being all adventurous.

6. When you realize you actually like some new food, that’s an even more amazing moment

Crazy times. This rarely happens.

7. Sometimes it’s the texture, sometimes it’s the flavor, all the time it’s left on your plate

Oops. At restaurants it's either left on your plate or your order is very specified.

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The Zodiac Signs As Bath And Body Works Scents

Just in case you want to know what scent you are!

Bath and Body Works fans could be considered to be part of a cult. The scents draw you in as if calling your name, if you ever
wondered what your scent should be based on your zodiac sign, here it is!

Aries: Country Apple

The rather impulsive Aries takes their time picking and choosing the scents from Bath and Body Works. The soothing scent of a fresh apple orchard is just what they need on a daily basis to keep up with their shenanigans.

Taurus: Japanese Cherry Blossom

The personality of a Taurus is stubborn, or what I like to say, is stuck in their ways. When they first discovered this scent in middle school, this was it. This is the only scent you will find anywhere around a Taurus.

Libra: Pink Chiffon

Pink Chiffon is another cult classic. This best selling scent went out of style for a hot second but is back and bigger than ever.

Leo: Thousand Wishes

Thousand Wishes is a purr-fect scent for a Leo. The light scent adornes the wearer just the right amount to get the desired reaction from those around them.

Aquarius: Be Enchanted

The rather cold personality of an Aquarius is counteracted by the loving scent of Be Enchanted. The scent is just enough tenderness for the wearer to be relaxed.

Gemini: Moonlight Path

Gemini's constantly change their favorite scent and are in and out of the store almost weekly to by new lotions, candles, and body washes. You will never see a full empty bottle of anything, however, Moonlight Path is the scent they keep coming back to again and again.

Virgo: Sea Island Cotton

The clean personality of a Virgo must be matched with the clean scent of Sea Island Cotton.

Capricorn: Cucumber Melon

Another clean scent of Cucumber Melon is the exact thing a Capricorn needs. The balance and calming scents are what make this scent so attractive to a Capricorn.

Scorpio: Paris Amour

The light scent is what you would expect from an extreme sign like a Scorpio. The scent lightly washes over the wearer in almost a cloud that

Sagittarius: Cashmere Glow

Cashmere Glow is a perfect scent for the winter sign. The vanilla and golden peach scent is just the mixture that creates the perfect accessory in the chilly months.

Pisces: Warm Vanilla Sugar

This lovely scent accentuates the lovely personality of a Pisces. They can never get enough of this scent so they just keep buying and buying until they have a full stockpile.

Cancer: Velvet Sugar

Velvet Sugar is the perfect blend of red velvet and strawberries and a Cancer is always changing their mind. The wearer can tell if it is a more red velvet or strawberry kind of day, and that is the balance that they need in their lives.

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