Not Graduating At The Same Time As Your Twin Sibling

It's OK That I Didn't Graduate At The Same Time As My Twin Brother, We're Not The Same Person

Being a twin, we are expected to complete the same life goals at the same time. Well that didn't happen.

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Let me just start off by saying that, yes it does suck not graduating the same time as my twin brother. It does kinda feel that I am a little behind, but I know that isn't true. I need the extra time to complete my degree and he didn't. It really is as simple as that.

Nothing bugs me more than when people try to compare our accomplishments and especially if since they are on a different timeline. If you have ever met the two of us would quickly realize how different we are. Yes, we have our similarities and you can definitely tell that we are related just by looking at us. But that doesn't take away from the fact that we are two different people.

He chose to go out-of-state for college, and I chose in-state. He was an athlete all throughout his college career, and I practiced taking naps in between classes. I can go on and on about our differences in college but I think you get the point. We had different college experiences. We both had our ups and downs, but we both are moving forward. He just happened to move a little bit faster than I did. Which is completely fine with me.

I actually graduated high school a month before him since we went to different schools for our senior year. So actually its kinda poetic that he graduated college before I did. In all actuality, it is better that he graduated in May and I will be graduating in December. If I had graduated in May, it would have been two weeks prior to his. Trying to get family to go to two different graduations in two different states with that small of a time difference is no small feet. It honestly would have come down to family members and friends choosing which one that they wanted to go to. That is not something that would have been an easy choice for anyone.

Also with having our graduation at different times, it makes it easier for us to plan time to spend with each other around the time of the graduation. Also since our birthday will be the week before my graduation, we will have to celebrate that too. It really is okay that I didn't graduate at the same time as my twin brother.

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