There are so many different scandals that come out, and when they do, somehow racism is always the first thing people blame.

For instance, the Colin Kaepernick/Nike scandal is a big deal right now. If you really pay attention to the story on the different platforms, many people are saying that white people are just mad because a black person is the featured person. No, actually, the race of the man has nothing to do with people's feelings. The people that are upset by his actions, not the color of his skin.

I don't care what age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation someone is...if we have differing opinions, then we just have differing opinions. It's as simple as that.

I recently came across a story of the white cop that was off duty when she entered her black neighbor's apartment thinking it was her own. Then, she shot him thinking he had broken into her apartment. After this story came out, I saw a picture surface of her posing with this man that she shot. Maybe there was an altercation, maybe she wrongly shot him, but there's no reason for everyone to just assume she did it out of racism.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...there is always going to be a bad apple in the bunch, but not everyone is racist.

Just because there is one racist cop, one racist white person, one racist black person, one racist in politics...that does not in any way mean that every person is that way. Some people think this way, but not everyone does.

It all comes down to respect with me. If you respect me, I'll respect you. It does not matter what you look like, listen to, agree with or don't agree with. I will be friendly to anyone that deserves my kindness.

So, when you read those news stories, just read them. Stop letting the media tell you it was out of racism. Stop believing it was out of racism. Stop spreading the rumor that it was out of racism. Just read the news and get the FACTS.

I saw a post about the events of 9/11. Someone posted that they wished for a day of 9/12, because on 9/12/2001, the United States came together. Of course, it was clarified that no one was ever hoping to experience 9/11 again, but the terrible event brought everyone together.

This is what the world needs now. We need to come together, rather than letting everything divide us.