Not Everyone Is Going To Like You
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Not Everyone Is Going To Like You

And that is okay.

Not Everyone Is Going To Like You
Amara Rose Eddins

Not everyone is going to like you

No matter how hard you try

It may be that guy you’ve been eyeing from afar

Or maybe it’s the girlfriend of your guy-best friend

The teacher who you long to please that

Shuts you down every time you speak up in class

The person who takes forever to text back

Or just never texts back at all

Because that girl gave you a dirty look this morning

Or that guy rolled his eyes when you looked away

Maybe that person that you’ve looked up to for years

Actually dreads every second that she spends with you

Those people who live next door

Who never invite you over

Or that guy you once loved

Who won’t give you a second look

Some people will like you

For no reason

Some people will hate you

For no reason

Who we choose to spend our time on

Depends on how much we love ourselves

Staying with the people who treat you poorly

Just tells them that it’s okay to do so

For the rest of your life

There will people who don’t like you

People who can’t stand you

And there will be nothing you can do to change that.

Nobody has to like you

That is not their job

Liking you is not anyone’s purpose in life

Except for yours.

Confidence is easy to show on the outside

But your outside doesn’t always reflect your inside

Confidence isn’t “They are going to like me.”

Confidence is “I will not flee if they don’t.”

Investing energy into making others like us or not,

there will still be people who can’t stand being around us.

We’d all be much better off

If we embraced those who will find reason to despise us.

Being disliked means that we stand for something

It means that we care about someone

It gives us a purpose

It gives us meaning in this world.

A tiger doesn’t lose sleep

Over the opinion of a simple sheep

Your value doesn’t decrease

Just because someone doesn’t see your worth.

The bad news is

You’re not going to fit in with everyone.

The good news is

That the great ones never do.

You’re a work of art

Not everyone will understand you

But the ones who do

Will never forget you.

From the moment we are born

Until the moment that we pass

We are stuck with ourselves

So we might as well embrace it

Respect yourself.

Be kind to yourself.

Like yourself.

Love yourself.

Love yourself first

Everything else will fall in place

You really have to love yourself

To get anything done in this world

Not everyone is going to like you

You are not designed for everyone to like you

You might be the sweetest orange in the world

And there will still be someone who doesn’t like oranges.

Not everyone is going to like you

And that is perfectly okay

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