What Not Being in a Sorority Means to Me

This Is What NOT Being In A Sorority Means To Me

Sorority life just isn't for everyone, and that is okay.


Before I came to college, I had the mindset that I was going to join a sorority, and that it would be like everything from what I have seen in the movies.

I ended up participating in sorority recruitment and ended up dropping out of it on the second to last day. Sorority life just was not the same as I had thought it would be. It has a lot of fees and rules and I felt at that time really upset that I was not in a house but at the same time I was pretty relieved. Then came the time that all the freshman girls in my dorm hall went to their bid day events and got to meet their big sisters, and I was honestly upset that I hadn't have joined a house, yet so much has changed from then to now.

Now I am in my junior year and honestly, I am very content that I never joined a sorority.

As the years went on, I just realized that Greek life was not for me and that I really do not like the system as a whole. The woman and men in Greek life both have very different rules they have to abide by and I just saw the whole system as pretty unfair for the woman in it. Also, there are very different prices that each gender has to pay to be in a house, where men have to pay a lot less.

The main reason I am happy I did not end up in a sorority is that I have made so many amazing college friends without being in a house, and I think that not being in a house made me more outgoing, in general.

I made tons of friends by living in the dorms, and as the years progressed, I really felt more comfortable reaching out to people in my classes and being more open and outgoing in my everyday life. I also feel that I have more free time to do the things I actually love to do without having the weight of an additional commitment on my back, because being in a sorority, from what I have seen from my friends in houses, is a huge time commitment. Since I have decided to not be in a house, I have started to look into other things like traveling, and I have had much more time to focus on my main passion, which is writing.

This being said, even though sorority life is not for me, that doesn't mean it isn't for everyone and I have lots of friends who really enjoy it.

If you love being in a house then enjoy being in one, and if you aren't in a house, don't be discouraged because it just might not be your thing. Whatever you do though just make sure to enjoy your time in college, and make it the best time you can.

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This Is How Your Same-Sex Marriage Affects Me As A Catholic Woman

I hear you over there, Bible Bob.

It won't.

Wait, what?

I promise you did read that right. Not what you were expecting me to say, right? Who another person decides to marry will never in any way affect my own marriage whatsoever. Unless they try to marry the person that I want to, then we might have a few problems.

As a kid, I was raised, baptized, and confirmed into an old school Irish Catholic church in the middle of a small, midwestern town.

Not exactly a place that most people would consider to be very liberal or open-minded. Despite this I was taught to love and accept others as a child, to not cast judgment because the only person fit to judge was God. I learned this from my Grandpa, a man whose love of others was only rivaled by his love of sweets and spoiling his grandkids.

While I learned this at an early age, not everyone else in my hometown — or even within my own church — seemed to get the memo. When same-sex marriage was finally legalized country-wide, I cried tears of joy for some of my closest friends who happen to be members of the LGBTQ community.

I was happy while others I knew were disgusted and even enraged.

"That's not what it says in the bible! Marriage is between a man and a woman!"

"God made Adam and Eve for a reason! Man shall not lie with another man as he would a woman!"

"Homosexuality is a sin! It's bad enough that they're all going to hell, now we're letting them marry?"

Alright, Bible Bob, we get it, you don't agree with same-sex relationships. Honestly, that's not the issue. One of our civil liberties as United States citizens is the freedom of religion. If you believe your religion doesn't support homosexuality that's OK.

What isn't OK is thinking that your religious beliefs should dictate others lives.

What isn't OK is using your religion or your beliefs to take away rights from those who chose to live their life differently than you.

Some members of my church are still convinced that their marriage now means less because people are free to marry whoever they want to. Honestly, I wish I was kidding. Tell me again, Brenda how exactly do Steve and Jason's marriage affect yours and Tom's?

It doesn't. Really, it doesn't affect you at all.

Unless Tom suddenly starts having an affair with Steve their marriage has zero effect on you. You never know Brenda, you and Jason might become best friends by the end of the divorce. (And in that case, Brenda and Tom both need to go to church considering the bible also teaches against adultery and divorce.)

I'll say it one more time for the people in the back: same-sex marriage does not affect you even if you or your religion does not support it. If you don't agree with same-sex marriage then do not marry someone of the same sex. Really, it's a simple concept.

It amazes me that I still actually have to discuss this with some people in 2017. And it amazes me that people use God as a reason to hinder the lives of others.

As a proud young Catholic woman, I wholeheartedly support the LGBTQ community with my entire being.

My God taught me to not hold hate so close to my heart. He told me not to judge and to accept others with open arms. My God taught me to love and I hope yours teaches you the same.

Disclaimer - This article in no way is meant to be an insult to the Bible or religion or the LGBTQ community.

Cover Image Credit: Sushiesque / Flickr

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Media Talk

Lets be honest: the media sucks.


The media is one of the worst things we have going on right now.

Think about it: What type of people do you see on commercials — lets say about clothing. They are all small, fit, and look like the perfect person. They never show someone who isn't fit — or god forbid — have acne. This isn't just in clothing commercials, its literally in all commercials. Kids toys, food and drink (even the sugary ones have small people enjoying a chocolate bar), games, music, literally anything that you can think of.

Now think of the people watching these, majority being kids. How do you think this affects their thinking? It makes them think that if I do/eat/drink/wear this thing it will make me just like the people on the TV. At some point kids begin to realize that yeah this thing is cool, but it doesn't do the main thing. It doesn't make them look like that person they saw, and that can cause issues. But first we are going to talk about the ads that are only pictures.

You are probably thinking "Well aren't they the same thing?" Well, yes but with pictures you have this thing called Photoshop which can make people face clear skin, white teeth, the perfect hair, the perfect body with the perfect curves, lines, muscles and look. These in my opinion can cause more issues than the commercials seen on TV because they can be so false in how everything it is portrayed. This will mostly affect people from about middle school and long into their 20's, and the affects that it has on people can be bad for their health.

For most, the way they go about looking like the people in the ads is by not eating. This can go from eating smaller amounts, going a couple of days of not eating much, to not eating anything. or they will over exercise to either 1) lose the calories they just ate or 2) push there bodies to their limit. There are two eating disorders, anorexia and bulimia, and both are used by people who feel they need to lose weight. anorexia is when people just refuse to eat much of anything, and they always feel that they are bigger than what they actually are. bulimia people tend to eat food, but then after they eat they fell guilty and find away to get the food out of there body which is usually by puking. Majority of people who have these eating disorders are females, but that doesn't mean males don't struggle with this issue either because they do.

When companies have used people in ads or commercials that don't follow the "norm" (aka plus size) people lose there minds. Saying "why are we promoting obesity" when it is such an issue in our county? Well here is a news flash: they aren't promoting obesity or saying that it is OK, they are promoting positive self image. The models or actors/actresses in these are bigger than what they should be sure, but they are not the people who are on "My 600 Pound Life" (those people are the ones that are obese) but those people in the ads? They are no where near close to what that show shows. People ask why are those kinds of people on an ad? It's because as a society, we have this definition of what perfect is and anyone who does not fit within that small circle are now imperfect (which is why people freak out when they see something different because it isn't the norm) which then leads to the eating/body issues. So having people who are not usually on ads help the "imperfect" people finally feel perfect.

So how about we make a change here. Have more realist people in all ads (and TV shows they are just as bad, but getting better slooooooowly), showing the good and the ugly because that is just life. Show more body types and not just the thin girl with big boobs, butt, and somehow be small everywhere else. Show more guys that aren't these muscle machines.

If we can change what is seen as "normal" then it will help everyone feel more comfortable in there own skin and not feel ashamed.

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