10 Signs You Are Not Ready To Be A Dog Owner

10 Signs You Are Not Ready To Be A Dog Owner

Just because you want a dog, doesn't mean you're ready for a dog.


For most college students, having a dog of their own is like having a piece of home with them, if they grew up around dogs or caring for other's pets. College students adopt or rescue dogs because of the desire to have some comfort or something to care for. Most college students will abandon or take their dogs to shelters at the end of the school year because of their new housing or the cost of caring for an animal.

If you moved from your home with your dog, you may see it as too much responsibility and take your pet home after the semester. Chances are, you aren't ready to have a dog of your own, and here are 10 signs that you aren't ready yet.

1. You don't always spend the night at home.

If you find yourself spending the night at friend's houses or with a significant other, not coming home often and being out all day, having a dog of your own may not be the best choice for you right now.

2. You're a frequent traveler.

Similar to spending the night at someone else's place, if you like to travel often, having your own dog can be difficult. For those people who go back home every weekend or travel out of state often, being a dog owner may hinder the traveling. You either have to take the dog with you, find someone to dog sit, or find a place that offers boarding for dogs.

3. You've let house plants die.

You've got numerous dead plants lying around your home. You forget to water them, you leave them in the dark without sun, or you simply don't remember they exist - that may be a big sign that having a dog is not right for you.

4. The smell of dog poop is overwhelming for you.

Sure, crap is crap. But if you can't get used to picking up after your dog every time they need to go, you probably shouldn't own a dog. And if the dog relieves himself/herself in the home, you need to be quick to clean it and understand that things like that happen.

5. You're allergic to dogs.

Obviously, the main reason you shouldn't own a dog is if you're allergic. There's no point in popping Benadryl every time you want to pet your dog, even if it is hypoallergenic.

6. You lose interest in things easily.

As dogs get older, they may lose their puppy energy. If you're easily bored or lose interest in things, being a dog owner is not for you. Dogs require constant attention, love, and care. A dog owner loves their dog no matter what.

7. You don't have the money to afford a dog.

Vaccinations, pet food, obedience training- all of that costs money. Owning a dog is expensive and there's no way around it. You'll spend about $1,200 on your first year of being a dog owner, not including the extra cost to have a dog in an apartment or housing complex.

8. Taking a dog out for the day is a challenge for you.

If you're a social butterfly and spend most of your weekends out and about, enjoying long brunches or taking a leisurely stroll through the stores, you'll find that most people do that with their dogs. However, it takes a lot of effort to take a dog out that isn't used to a new environment. You can kiss your relaxing brunch goodbye if your dog won't sit still or stop begging for food.

9. You're not a responsible person.

Face it - your friends say you're the least responsible out of the group. You're forgetful, lazy, and a procrastinator. Dogs require owners who are responsible. If you go home for the holidays and are okay with leaving your dog behind, you are irresponsible and should not be a dog owner.

10. Your current housing does not permit dogs.

If you have to hide your dog when the front office staff comes to do inspections, you should not have a dog. If you have to keep the dog at a friend's house because you can't have dogs at your place, you should not have a dog. Only own a dog if you can care for them comfortably in your own home.

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1. Dogs

Human beings don't deserve dogs, not at all. Dogs, when they are loved and respected have proven to do remarkable things like save babies from fires and sniffing out mines in war ridden countries. They stay extremely loyal and show how much they care and appreciate their owners, dogs will give you love the moment you come home from work everyday.

2. Cats

Cats can be considered one of the weirdest but most lovable species on planet earth, there has been ancient paintings depicting cats existence with humans for 1000's of years. The same look they have when they want love could be the same one they have when they want blood. But from the day they are kittens it's hard not to fall in love with the connection you get with some cats.

3. Wolves

Wolves are an amazing specie for several reasons. They are very loyal to their family and their packs, and either as a team or on their own wolves are a dangerous force. Wolves relationships can be considered better than that of humans because of their loyalty, once mated they tend to stay with that partner for life. When traveling in packs each wolf has its own duty to ensure the protection an well being of each member.

4. Bald Eagles

When you think of bald eagles you may think of the United States of America and the freedom it represents, but I also think of the beauty and strength the bird possesses. Bald eagles usually tend to keep their mating partners for life, they even build monstrous nests to show their fidelity.

5. Horses

The bond between horses cannot be measured in most cases. Horses are brilliant animals and look majestic, which is why humans are so interested in them. They can be used for a lot of different reasons like pulling plows, racing for sport, and transportation that is gas free. Horse ranchers usually take very good care of their animals with special food and exercise and social interactions with their kind. Horses have also been used in time of war for as long as it's existed, some have been know to lay flat and still against their nature to give people cover and protection.

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Being A College Student Is Ruff And Here Are 12 Reasons Students Shouldn't Have Dogs In College

They just aren't a college pet.


I see so many college students getting dogs and I can't help but wonder how they have time to take care of them while also going to classes, living the college experience and working. Here are 12 reasons it's better to wait to get a dog until after college.

1. They are a lot of work


Especially if you get a hyper dog or a puppy, it's about as much attention as a child needs and most people don't have little ones and go to college for a reason.

2. They limit what you can do


You want to go out for the weekend and go to a fraternity formal, or just want to stay out late with your friends. But your dog needs to be let out for a little bit of the day.

3. Dogs take a lot of time


Like I said, dogs are like children. Children, like dogs, take a lot of time, which students are already limited in.

4. College students just don't have the time


College students struggle financially and have to be in class or work majority of the time anyways, so how would they have more time to spend with a dog.

5. College students are broke already


Dogs cost a lot of money, might be for food, toys or the vet. College students struggle financially as it is.

6. You can volunteer to take care of dogs at shelters


I volunteer frequently at the humane society in my college town and you can play or walk as many dogs as you would like.

7. You don't get to experience college


You can't go out if you have a dog at home to be taking care of.

8. Dogs deserve a huge amount of care


Dogs are great and deserve to have the amount of care that they need.

9. Dogs need a huge amount of care


Not only do they deserve the huge amount of care but they need it. They need to be let outside to run around and play multiple times a day.

10. Dogs need lots of attention


Dogs love people and shouldn't be left alone in a house or apartment all day.

11. Dogs need someone to spend the day with


Dogs get lonely and some even get separation anxiety.

12. Save the dog for after college


Dogs are a great pet, just not for college students. Work hard to be able to give your future dog the life it deserves.

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