Why Nosara, Costa Rica Is The Perfect Spring Break Destination

Why Nosara, Costa Rica Is The Perfect Spring Break Destination

"If you are lucky enough to live in Nosara, you are lucky enough." ~Unknown

When I first visited the wonderful town of Nosara, Costa Rica, I fell in love with everything it had to offer. From my first interaction with the people in the airport when I landed, to the incredible foods that flooded my taste buds, to the amazingly beautiful sights I saw. I knew I had found a home away from home. Since being there for the first time when I was 15, I have only once returned but plan to go back and possibly make Nosara my home at a later point in my life.

This vacation is an under the radar gold mine! There are so many things to do and sights to see at a very low cost. So when you're contemplating where your next spring break destination vacation should be, keep these experiences in mind because I can't speak highly enough about them.

1. Exotic Wildlife Encounters

I have seen so many amazing creatures when I've been out and about as well as just hanging out in the house I was staying at. You're more than likely to see monkeys, butterflies, other assorted insects (that aren't too creepy nor crawly), dogs, fish, and different types of reptiles. The most amazing, in my opinion, would have to be the massive iguanas.

They blend right in with the greenery on the jungle floor and they give you a bit of a scare when you first spot them. They are more than likely to entertain your eyes with the unique way in which their bodies move. After seeing these iguanas, I have definitely considered getting a reptile of my own even though I know nothing can compare to these amazing creatures.

2. Downtown Nosara

Downtown Nosara is filled with friendly faces, delicious restaurants, tourist attractions, and many shopping opportunities. Seeing the locals zoom around on dirt bikes, hear their stories, and see what they have to offer is always a great way to spend a day. There are many shops that support local goods, environmental issues, and welcome any and all visitors. Whatever shop you decide to venture into, you're guaranteed to be impressed.

3. Beautiful Nature Scenery

As someone traveling from the bland and cold weather in Wisconsin, any type of greenery is bound to dazzle me. But the beautiful trees, plants, and bodies of water just blew me away. All the colors you see are so vibrant that it's hard not to stare in complete awe. The oceans are the bluest of blues, the palm trees are the greenest of greens, and the flowers are the most exotic of colors.

Not to mention, everywhere you go, it smells fresh. As odd of an adjective to use for that smell, I can't think of a better word to use. Things smell fresh, healthy, and full of life and it's a very refreshing thing for one's nose to smell if it's only been surrounded by snow and ice for several months.

4. La Luna

La Luna was one of the best restaurants you can eat at while staying in Nosara. Everything from the amazing customer service, delicious food, and mind-blowing view from any table you can sit at makes me give this place a 5-star rating!

As you enjoy a great meal, you get to watch the action on the beach consisting of surfers, kids building sandcastles, and families enjoying their time in the sun. But if you're lucky enough to eat in the evening hours, you get to experience a sunset like no other. If you are going to eat anywhere while on your vacation, La Luna has to be it.

5. Playa de Pelada

The Playa de Pelada is one of Nosara's many beautiful beaches. This one is unique due to its rocky shore. As you take a long walk on the beach, you're able to venture onto the rocks and get unique photo opportunities such as the picture shown above. I had tons of fun climbing rocks with my siblings, dipping my toes in the salty water, and taking many photos to commemorate such a glorious sight.

6. Agua Tibia Surf School

Nosara is known as a surf town with a 365 day a year of great surfing conditions. With that much of an opportunity, you have to learn how locals spend their free time! If you are wanting to learn how to surf or already know and are looking for board rentals, hit up Agua Tibia Surf School! I have gone to this place every time I have wanted to surf and have never had a bad experience.

You can tell that the employees are a tight-knit bunch and want every person that passes through to have the most positive experience. Surfing lessons include easy to understand instructions on how to catch the perfect wave while also keeping your balance on the board so you can ride it out. This is a great experience to have under your belt and also counts as a great way to get an awesome workout while having fun in the sun.

7. Fresh Food

This was easily one of the best cultural differences I experienced while in Nosara. Every single thing that is made in every single dish you can order at any café or restaurant has fresh ingredients. The sushi pictured above is a roll containing fish that was caught earlier that morning. The veggies included on the inside as well as on the side are freshly grown at the chef's garden. This is a cultural norm throughout all of Costa Rica.

I didn't have a single processed food item while I was visiting and could easily eat the healthiest I could eat at a very reasonable cost. Because of the garden-to-plate style that these places live by, the flavors are out of this world. I have never had a piece of fruit, fish, vegetables, bread, or any other type of food that has tasted as good as it did in Nosara. When you visit, feel free to eat as much as you want because it will not be detrimental to your health.

8. Miss Sky Canopy Tours

If you're a thrill seeker like my family is, you'll definitely want to check out the Miss Sky Canopy Tours. You get to zip-line through the canopies of the jungle while accompanied by experienced workers whose first priority is to keep you safe. You're taught how to properly coast along the zip-line, how to keep your hands from getting caught in any of the equipment, and how to have fun on the longest zip-lining experience you could have in all of Costa Rica. You get to check out the amazing greenery as well as the oceans that surround this beautiful country all while you're flying through the sky. This is 100% a must-do activity.

9. Eco-Friendliness

It's awesome to enter this country and see how much they really care about their environment. As of right now, there's a huge movement to keep the roads unpaved so that the jungle can be kept as natural as possible. They also are very big on conserving energy as well as conserving water. You will come to find that the bathroom regimen we have in America is very different than the one you will have when visiting Nosara.

Instead of flushing your waste as well as toilet paper, you will dispose of your toilet paper in a specific trash can and flush your waste by itself. This is meant to use less water and energy in all the buildings and homes so that pollution risks are at an all-time low.

You will also find that many people ride bikes around neighborhoods or will walk to their destinations if it isn't completely necessary to use a vehicle or motored device. If we have enough people bringing home like-minded ideas from this eco-friendly country, maybe we could improve our carbon footprint back in the states!

10. The Energy

My lasting impression on Nosara is obviously anything but positive. The people, activities, sights, and weather has the ability to leave a lasting impression on anyone that steps foot onto the city streets. This place will always have a special place in my heart and I will always be even more excited to go back than I was the time before.

The relaxed lifestyle that is able to be lived is something I strive to have in the end of it all. So when contemplating your next big adventure, please keep this little surf town in mind because as the locals say, "If you're lucky to live in Nosara, you're lucky enough."

Cover Image Credit: WikiMedia

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Top 50 Things You'll Hear A Southern Say


For those of you who may need a little help understanding the slang of a southern, I made a list of the top 50 phrases and sayings, along with their translations.

1. Bless your heart.

My favorite saying. It is an empathetic phrase that is usually uttered when the speaker believes the recipient to be sweet, but misguided or stupid. It can also be used if the speaker believes the recipient needs to grow up and deal with it, when the speaker says it in a sarcastic tone.

2. Barking up the wrong tree.

Means being misguided or mistaken.

3. Aren't you precious?

Mostly this saying is used in a sarcastic tone in response to someone being offensive.

4. Britches.

Pants or underpants.

An example would be, "Your britches are too short, you can't wear those".

5. Coke.

Regardless if it's Dr. Pepper, Coca-Cola, or another carbonated beverage, it's called Coke here in the South.

6. Fixin' to.

Simply means that you are about to do something.

7. Get the short end of the stick.

This phrase means that you basically got an unfair deal or cheated out of something.

8. Give Me Some Sugar.

Simply means give me a kiss.

9. Hissy Fit.

A hissy fit is a grown-up version of a temper tantrum that is as bad as one that a toddler would throw.

10. Hold Your Horses.

Be patient.

11. Holler.

When you say "holler" you are basically letting the other person know something.

Example: Holler at me when you are ready to get something to eat.

12. If the creek don't rise.

This saying simply means that if nothing bad happens, everything will go as planned.

13. You're as slow as molasses in the wintertime.

This phrase means that you are being EXTRA slow.

14. Muddin'.

Off-road four-wheeler riding with the intentions of getting mud everywhere and possibly losing control.

15. Skat Cat.

A phrase that can be used instead of saying "God bless you" when you sneeze.

16. There's Not A Pot Too Crooked That A Lid Won't Fit.

There is someone for everyone.

17. Pitcher.

We mostly mean a plastic container that holds sweet tea, not the position of a guy on the baseball team.

18. Reckon.

When you say "I reckon", you believe that something is true.

19. Hoot With The Owls, Soar With The Eagles.

This simple phrase means that if you are going to stay up all night, you should be able to get early in the morning.

20. Too Big For Your Britches.

Simply means that you take yourself too seriously.

21. Stompin' Grounds.

Your hometown or where you grew up.

22. Back In The Day.

Back in the day could be a month ago, a year ago, or 20 years ago.

23. You're A Spitting Image Of (Insert Family Member).

Yes, I know I'm a spitting image of my mother. "Spitting image" simply means that you look just like someone.

24. "Darlin, Sugar, Sweetheart"

These words are simply terms of endearment.

25. Buggy.

A buggy is a cart/basket at the grocery store.

Example: Who wants to push the buggy?

26. Quit Crying Or I Will Give You Something To Cry About.

This phrase simply means to quit crying and if you didn't then more than likely you got a spanking,

27. Where You Raised In A Barn?

If you are from the South, you have probably been asked this more than once, especially when you left a door open.

28. Close The Door. You Are Letting All The Good Air Out.

This southern heat is nothing to play with. It simply means to keep the door closed so the air (or heat if its winter) stays inside.

29. You Are Going To Make Me Lose My Religion.

When you say this phrase to someone, it more than likely means that person has done something to irritate you or made you mad. Thank goodness Jesus saves.

Example: You are going to make me lose my religion.

30. You Look Like A Chicken With Your Head Cut Off.

This is said when you are running around like a crazy person. It can be said if you are looking for something that you are searching for or if you are just really busy.

31. Y'all.

The southern way to say "you all".

32. You Can't Carry A Tune In A Bucket.

If you've ever been told this, it means that you can't sing.

33. Have Their Feathers Ruffled.

You normally have your "feathers ruffled" when you are pouting.

34. Two Peas In A Pod.

When you and someone else are "two peas in a pod", it means that either you almost always together or that you two are almost identical in the way you think and do things.

35. Well Butter My Butt And Call Me A Biscuit.

This saying can be used when you are surprised or excited.

36. Don't Let The Door Hit Ya Where The Good Lord Split Ya.

When someone say this they typically mean to get out and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

37. You're As Good As Gold.

When you are "as good as gold", it means that you are well-behaved and obedient.

38. It's Raining Cats And Dogs Out There.

This simply means that the rain is really coming down hard. It's not actually raining cats and dogs, people.

39. I'm Full As A Tick.

This phrase means that you ate too much food.

40. I'm Sweating More Than A Sinner In Church.

When someone says this, it means that they are really hot and sweating A LOT.

41. Pot Calling The Kettle Black.

This phrase is used when one person is guilty of the very same thing of which they accuse another person.

42. There's More Than One Way To Skin A Cat.

It means that there is anyways more than one way to fix something.

43. Shut Yo' Mouth.

Means to be quiet or hush up.

44. Whatever Floats Your Boat.

This saying means to do whatever you want to do.

45. Slap Yo' Momma.

This phrase means that something is good.

Example: This BBQ is slap yo' momma good.

46. She's Like A Bull In A China Shop.

When you tell someone this phrase, you are telling them that they are clumsy or careless in the way that they move.

47. Cuttin' A Rug.

Cuttin' a rug is used to describe dancing.

Example: Let's go cut a rug tonight.

48. Clicker.

A clicker is another name for a TV remote.

49. Slow Your Roll.

This also means to be patient.

50. You're A Hot Mess.

When you tell someone that they are a "hot mess", you are simply telling them that they don't have it together.

Cover Image Credit: silhouetteamerica.com

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Read Before You Tweet, 4 Keys To Understanding Venezuela's Crisis

In Venezuela, the democracy is a myth, and a fairy tale.


These days (and the last years) you have read about Venezuela on the news. President Trump and Nancy Pelosi talk about this country and even Will in "Will & Grace" showed worry about Venezuela's crisis. The breaking news in January is Venezuela has two presidents and the US government is supporting the new president. I know you ask yourself: Why? How? What?

This article will not give the last update because Venezuela's situation can change in an hour. Each day is crazy and many events can happen. It is more a timeless article. What I want is to give you a little guide about the Venezuela crisis because I've read too many wrong opinions from people who do not know anything about Venezuela and the tragedy they are living.

Just to let you know; I grew up in Venezuela. I've lived the crisis; actually, I've suffered the crisis.

1. Nicolas Maduro is a dictator.

Facebook: EP Venezuela.

You can read that Nicolas Maduro is the real president of Venezuela because he won two elections, but it is not true. In Venezuela, the principal electoral institution is surrogated by Maduro. Then, they cheat in any election. They changed numbers, make dead people vote, cause many people to vote many times and more tricks.

Every time Venezuelans have protested against Maduro's government he murdered hundreds of people and sent to jail thousands. In Venezuela, the democracy is a myth, a fairy tale.

2. People are happy with Juan Guaidó.

Facebook: EP Venezuela

I want to explain why they have two presidents. Juan Guaidó is the president of the Congress. Guaidó followed what the Constitution said about an illegal president, Nicolas Maduro, and Guaidó assumed the control of Executive Power. His idea is to restore democracy in Venezuela and go to elections soon.

Even though Guaidó has not been elected as President, people in Venezuela support him. You only need to check the pictures of his meetings on the street. Each square is full of thousands of Venezuelans listening to Guaidó.

3. Venezuelans are happy with the US help.

Facebook: EP Venezuela.

I don't care if you support President Trump or you do not like him. In each case, you must read, and read a lot before you can have an opinion. Only because President Trump supports a new Venezuela government, it does not mean it is a bad thing.

I like this simile: if you see your neighbors hurting their kids, you will call the police; won't you? Even though it is not your house, you want to help those kids. Here is the same. Maduro has all the power and the only way Venezuelans can fight with him is with foreigner help.

Because the US supports Guaidó, many other countries have helped him. United Nations had some sessions only to speak about Venezuela. Even better, The US government will start paying for Venezuela's oil to Guaidó instead of Maduro; finally, Venezuelans will see their money. If you are worried about interventionism, please check to what Cuba, Russia and China are doing with Venezuela.

4. People in Venezuela are dying.

Facebook: EP Venezuela.

Venezuelans dying every day because they are starving, because there is no food, medications, doctors or money. They die because criminals walk with impunity; only in 2018, over 26,000 Venezuelans were murdered. Any war in this world makes this amount of death. Each day, hundreds of people choose to walk thousands of miles because they want to escape from this nightmare.

If you don't believe me, you always can go to Venezuela and stay a month. You will live without electrical power, water, food or medications. Venezuelans are literarily starving.

I repeat you don't need to trust me. I only ask you to read. This crisis started two decades ago and many of us want to end it. If you're going to start your lectures, here is my first suggestion.

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