I drove home last month. Down the parkway and the Turnpike I traveled. Speeding from one part of the state to the other.

For over a year now, North Jersey has been my home.

I've found my niche, major, and group of friends. I learned that growing up, it might feel good to not to be distant from the beach however, it feels just as good to be close to the city.

To step outside, walk to the skyline, and see it lit up at night or just dark during the day.

While I love coming home, seeing family and friends, it always feels great to travel back up north to Montclair State University, where happiness awaits for me.

Throughout this past year, I've pursued numerous things. I've made small dreams come to life. My hands have shaken the ones of various notorious people, many who I always dreamed of interacting with.

My feet have walked the outfield of Citi Field and the streets of New York, countless times. My body has even experienced living for two days in an Orthodox Jewish community during Shabbat, where nobody was allowed to use technology for 24 hours.

Each week, I'm a journalist.

Whether it's print or electronic media, I informed people of whats happening and has occurred. Whether it's something on campus or somewhere else in the world, the public learns.

Although we might not all be under the same roof, I'm still surrounded by great people who I'm proud to call not just my friends, but my family.

Without MSU and residing up North, these opportunities would not occur.

North Jersey truly is my new home.