Top Picks from the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog
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the top 17 picks from nordstrom's anniversary sale catalog

It's that time of year again.

the top 17 picks from nordstrom's anniversary sale catalog

What could make summer even better? The Nordstrom anniversary sale, duh. Every July Nordstrom has this crazy amazing sale with a bunch of different products from different departments. Whether you actually need something, or really really want something, here are my personal top picks.

1. Avec Les Filles Faux Fur Lined Plaid Biker Jacket

Who knew that plaid and faux fur could look so good together? This funky textured jacket will be your new fall staple piece.

2. Jeffrey Campbell Coma Stretch Bootie

Another plaid piece makes the list! We all love a good bootie, and what could add some flair to your outfit like these?

3. Badgley Mischka Double Face Wool Blend Wrap Front Coat

I never thought I needed a lavender coat until I saw this baby. It's perfect to dress up and down for any occasion

4. Treasure & Bond Marquise Slide Bolo Necklace

I know you think of the wild Wild West when the word bolo necklace is mentioned, but how cute is this necklace? Use it to add layers when you accessorize

5. rag & bone Suede & Leather Circle Crossbody Bag

Trade in your rectangular crossbody bag for this circle shaped one instead.

6. Marc Fisher LTD Miggi Bootie

Another bootie to add to your closet. Shop this in a cool ivory leather or jazz it up in gold leather.

7. Lewit Marta Slingback Pump

This shoe has two of my favorite things; a pointed toe, and a small heel. Honestly, I want this in every color it comes in.

8. Eliza J Faux Wrap Midi Dress

You can never have too many midi dresses for the summertime. Pick this fun one up to add to your collection.

9. Louise et Cie Cela Bow Slide

Ditch your flip flops this summer for these cute slides that have a bow across the shoe! Pair it with some cutoffs and you're comfy and casual.

10. Brixton Fiddler Corduroy Baker Boy Cap

It's never too late to pick up baker boy cap. Perfect for a bad hair day or when you want to add a little more to your outfit

11. kate spade new york oakwood street- lora pebbled leather hobo

For when you're on the go but also need room to throw in everything you need and more.

12. J. Crew Dover Blazer

I am all about bright colored blazers that add a pop to every outfit. I couldn't think of a more fun shade of pink to rock this summer.

13. Vince Plush Fleece Zip Front Hoodie

Step out in this hoodie in the winter and not only will you look super cute, but you'll also feel like you're wrapped up in a blanket. You're essentially an adorable looking teddy-bear.

14. Nike ‘Classic Cortez’ Sneaker

For a comfy sneaker to walk all over town in, these Nikes are the pair for you.

15. Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Cardigan

Probably the comfiest cardigan to exist in cool neutral colors, why limit yourself to just wearing this at home?

16. MAC Nordy Girl Matte Palette

If eyes are your focus, this palette features 8 shades, a highlighter, eyeliner, AND mascara. Score.

17. Trish McEvoy The Power of Makeup Planner Collection Sunlit Glamour

20 pieces of makeup plus a slick bag to store it all? Count me in.

18. Charlotte Tilbury The Pretty Pink Lipstick Set

I am convinced that Charlotte Tilbury makes the best matte lipsticks on the planet. Not only does this set include one, it also includes a lipstick from her K.I.S.S.I.N.G line whih is equally as amazing. Don't forget this also includes a lip pencil that matches both shades!

19. Lancome The Best of Lancome Lashes Mascara Set

If you're a mascara fanatic, this set is for you. Not only does this set come with 4 mascaras, but it also comes with their incredible eye makeup remover. Lucky you.

diptyque Scented Candle Set

There are few things out there that I love more than candle sets. These candles are so fragrant without being overpowering and overall just the perfect candles.

Get ready cardholders because you get early access to the sale starting July 12th! If you're not a cardholder, sit tight because you'll be able to shop the sale starting July 20th! Happy shopping everyone!

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