After graduating high school, many people go their own ways and will never talk to their classmates whom they knew for twelve years ever again. Specific memories that were once so vivid in your mind start to deplete, but the strongest ones will stay with you forever. Here are 10 things you understand if you went to Nordonia High School.

1. Spirit Week divides the fun people from the boring people


Spirit Week may have seemed like a middle school activity, but only the coolest students and those who wanted to have optimal fun in high school participated.

2. 4a, 4b, 4c, 5a, and 5b played an important factor in your schedule all year


Am I going to have to eat lunch at a time more suited for breakfast, or at a time closer to dinner? When we have shortened periods, are my 4th and 5th period classes going to make me thankful that those are the ones I have or not?

3. Barely using passes


Did any teachers actually make you fill out a pass to go to your locker or the bathroom?

4. Turning on Dr. Joe Clark's tweets during the months Novemeber-February


Luckily, our superintendent was tech-savvy and we didn't have to sit by the T.V. and strain our eyes all night like it was 2008 again. #NoSnowJoe

5. It felt like the tundra year round


Many schools don't have air conditioning which made us both fortunate and freezing simultaneously.

6. Recurring substitute teachers knew you as well as your regular teachers


This also meant they wouldn't let you get away with any nonsense (usually). Some substitutes include Mr. P and Mr. K.

7. Freshmen never win lip sync, even if they were the best


It was so frustrating as a freshman, but once you're a senior, you understand.

8. People thinking "Nordonia" is a city


Nice try, but no.

9. Others being confused when you told them there was a building just for 5th and 6th graders


"So it's an elementary school?" No.

"So it's a middle school?" Also no.

"So what is it?" A stepping stone between elementary and middle school.

10. Mr. Broman quotes


"Third period, here we go!"

"Life's a party, don't be tardy!"

11. The last day is bittersweet

Kaylee Smith

It feels like it takes eons to get from elementary school to your last day of high school, but as soon as it arrives you can't believe it.

Whether you were a 2019 graduate, are an upcoming graduate, or graduated multiple years ago, here are some tell-tale signs you went to Nordonia High School.