Nonfiction: Bird Attack!
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Nonfiction: Bird Attack!

Recent event to warn others who may have animals living close by.

Nonfiction: Bird Attack!

So much has happened in my life because of 2020. First, a pandemic hit right about the time my family were getting ready to move out to Florida. I established my time at University of Central Florida by living on my own with two other roommates. I caught the virus at a Halloween Party, but survived with only mild symptoms. After a whole semester, it would be wonderful time to relax and enjoy the Christmas break, right? I did relax until last Tuesday night.

My parents were out of the house for a whole week related to work. I had to take care of the house by myself. I made sure that everything was well adjusted and organized. Most of my nights during that week was spent with my older brother. He didn't want to be alone in his apartment and we relied on Door Dash to get dinner. He couldn't come Tuesday night because his work schedule dealt with late night phone call meetings. I was left completely defenseless.

I started watching the film The Prom on Netflix and ordered food through Door Dash. After getting my food, I noticed something fluttering around in my dining room. I took a closer look to notice a bird on one of the big mirror frames. It was not a big bird. It was very small with little legs, small beck, and neutral feathers. My anxiety went off like a security alarm. It was normal for bugs to be found in my house. Domesticated pets like dogs were allowed in if they weren't allergenic to my mother and brother. But an undomesticated bird was a big nope.

I needed to do something. A few calls were sent out to my mother, brother, and 911. None of them could answer in time. I attempted to go after it, but the bird stopped before the door to my room. I desperately needed help. I ran out across the street to ask help from my neighbors. I hardly knew them, but it was the best idea to carry out. My one regret was that I left my room door open for the bird to flap around in.

Once I made it out to the house across the street, I met with an elderly couple, Jen and Leon. Leon was the one who came back with me to help me with the bird. I could tell that Leon felt upset about attempting to deal with the bird and me. He called me "uptight" and cursed at the bird a couple of times. They were a kind couple and I felt very sorry for putting Leon through this very strange situation.

I attempted to call 911 again with my panic overriding my whole being. The 911 caller gave me the number to animal control in case it got bad. I opened the doors that lead to the outside. If there was one thing about this bird, it was a scarred little creature who was clever enough to be good at hiding. Leon had difficulty finding it at first and thought it had escaped through one of the many open doors. He went back home to have dinner with Jen. I eventually found it again and called Leon back over to the house.

By the time Leon came back, we locked out other rooms to my room and the laundry room. The bird did come very close to me. One time when it flighted past the laundry room. The other time the bird came up towards me halfway, but it fluttered out into the living room. He hoped between two lamps before finally leaving outside through the back sliding doors. My mother was one the phone when the bird left.

The bird invasion left me very traumatized the night and day after. I calm myself down by finishing the rest of the film. But I'm not sure if I trust myself enough to sleep in my own room. The bird pooed a couple of time on my lamp and on the floor. I did find one feather that fell off from its wing. I hardly know what else that bird did or how it got into the house. My mother ensured me that it will never happen again. That incident may have resulted in a fear of birds or undomesticated animals. If I were a Disney Princess, I would be a terrible one. Animals and I hardly get along with each other. They terrify me more than I am terrify to them.

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