Ed Westwick didn’t get charged with sexual assault

Early this week an article peaked my interest because Ed Westwick aka Chuck Bass was the face of it. According to the Los Angeles Times, Westwick was accused of sexual assault by three different women but isn't getting charged for the allegations due to insufficient evidence.

I'm as big of a Chuck Bass fan as the next girl, but I still don't believe that any type of sexual assault is okay. So whenever I saw the headline of the article, I read it thinking that it was a very biased case. It turns out that these girls didn’t have enough evidence to prove that their allegations are true. I’m not sure how hard they make it for them to prove this, but after reading the facts it sounds like these accusations were made up.

Before I opened the article I was expecting to be let down by yet another terrible act in society, but instead, I am infuriated. Why do people think it is okay to cry rape when it is such a heavily populated problem as is. This makes it harder for victims to prove when an incident did take place or it just makes people not want to speak out because they are afraid that no one will take them seriously after all of these fake reports.

With that being said, if the actor did commit the crime, I hope that the truth comes out and the girls get justice, but if the judges say that there isn't enough evidence to charge him, then I trust the judgment of the court.

One of the women who is accusing the 'Gossip Girl' actor of rape described her encounter through Facebook stating that she was trying to sleep in the guest bedroom of a Los Angeles home when the incident took place. The prosecutors declined the charges because of lack of evidence.

I honestly feel bad for actors that get accused of horrible things, these big stories make headlines but no one wants to dig deeper to find the truth or even take the time to read the report. People will assume the worst and not even think twice about it. The allegations made against Westwick were untrue and heartbreaking. It is sad that people in this world couldn't care less about ruining someone's reputation and career over a lawsuit just to get money.

This is just coming from a girl who wishes that no bad in the world existed.

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