The Forecast Is Calling For Snow, But You Can Catch Me Doing An Anti-Snow Dance

The Forecast Is Calling For Snow, But You Can Catch Me Doing An Anti-Snow Dance

It only took me nearly 21 years, but I have finally understood why adults don't like when it snows.


Guess who woke up to a forecast predicting inches upon inches of snow on her birthday? That's right, it was me. Now, don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore snow. As in, I love literally everything about it — the way it falls to the ground, the way it feels in my hands, and the way it covers the Earth. It's absolutely breathtaking.

Except, I'm not really sure I'm feeling it right about now. As much as I love literally everything about the fluffy white stuff, I don't think that this was quite the time of year for it to grace us with its presence. I mean, it's exam season. I don't even know what would happen if it snowed on exam days, but I'm not quite sure I want to find out. Besides that, I would really like to celebrate my birthday, and see my family, you know, on my birthday — and I'm not quite sure that driving is safe, or practical, when snow is slamming up against your windshield and littering the road, and trust me, I know this from experience. Also, I would really like to go home for the holidays, you know, just a little, or a lot. Definitely a lot.

I'm usually dreaming of that white fluff, but not this year. I'm usually the person who turns into a child whenever she hears the word "snow" in any capacity, but not this year. Does this mean that I'm getting older? If it does, I'm not quite sure that I like it. If getting older means that I'm the one begging little kids to stop wishing for snow, then I actually definitely don't think I like it. I don't want to ruin the fun for anyone else, I just don't necessarily want to encourage it. Does that make me sound and feel like a terrible person? Most definitely.

I think that snow is beautiful, magical even, and yet, it isn't always practical, and maybe that's my problem. As much as I love the stuff, it isn't always practical for me to be out of school or class for a few days — and once again, I sound like an adult saying that, and maybe that's the moral of the story.

It only took me nearly 21 years, but I have finally understood the true meaning of why adults don't like it when it snows. Yes, it's gorgeous, but it's also a little inconvenient. As much as I would love for the snow to fall down when I wake up Christmas morning, or really any morning that I am home for break, right now just really isn't the best time. Long story short, I think I have finally peeked in my college adulthood.

Either way, the forecast is calling for snow, and this December, you can catch me doing the anti-snow dance.

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12 Fun Things to Do During a Snow Day

Too cold for school/work? Not too cold for fun!

The phone rings and word is out that school is canceled. It’s officially a snow day! But what to do on a snow day that isn’t boring? Here are 12 fun things to do on a snow day!

1. Have a spa day!

Break out the facemasks and nail polish, it’s time for an at-home spa treatment! Don’t forget to relax in a nice hot bubble bath and some fuzzy socks to unwind after a long day of shoveling.

2. Binge watch shows/movies

Let’s put the Netflix vs. Hulu debate aside and curl up in a nice warm blanket and watch some wintery movies.

3. Bake yummy treats

Brownies, cookies, cakes, and more! The weather outside is frightful, but baked goods are delightful.

4. Listen to music

Spotify or Pandora has so many playlists for snowy days that are totally worth a listen. Whether it be holiday songs or just some relaxing tunes, the low temperatures will soon feel a bit more bearable.

5. Cuddle

No cuddle buddy? No problem! Get yourself a teddy bear or a furry friend and get ready to celebrate the snuggle weather in front of the fireplace.

6. Go sledding

Sledding is not just for kids, Y'all! Find the nearest snow-covered hill, grab some sleds (or improvise with garbage can lids), and have some fun!

7. Drink a warm beverage

Hot chocolate, tea, or coffee is sure to warm you up after a day of playing in the cold snow.

8. Read a book or write

Productivity doesn’t have to be all bad, you know. Maybe getting some free reading or creative writing will help pass some time while it’s too cold to go out, if you don’t have writer’s block that is!

9. Get Crafty!

Pinterest has plenty of options for some fun wintery crafts that are cost-free and made of items you can find around the house.

10. Play in the snow

Again, snowflake fun isn’t just for kids! Build a snowman or fort, practice making snow angels, or get ready to dodge some snowballs.

11. Not homework!

I mean, I guess it can be useful to get stuff done, but whoever said homework is fun? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

12. Play board games

Monopoly, Clue, Life, Candyland, or Trouble are just a few board games to eliminate boredom.

While the snowflakes are accumulating outside, there is fun to be had both indoors and out! Whether you like the freezing temperatures or not, there’s always fun to be had. Now go and enjoy the day off!

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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To The Jerks Who Order Delivery In A Snow Storm, I'm Calling You Out

If you wouldn't drive in it, you shouldn't make a teenager with a 1996 Honda Accord do it instead.


We live in an amazing world where if we want delivery at 2 a.m., we can get it. That being said, if there's a pretty terrible snowstorm out you can probably bet that your local Domino's is open and delivering. But just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

I work in a franchise pizza place and often when there's snow on the road, our orders come in, and a majority of them are deliveries. And just as often, people often ask if ordering when there are inches of snow outside makes them a jerk. Quite frankly, yes, it does. If you're sitting in your home looking outside thinking it's too dangerous for you to drive, then order delivery because you can't just cook for yourself for one day, yes, you are kind of a jerk.

Let me explain why. As we get piled up with orders, most of the time the roads aren't cleared and customers don't even do the slight courtesy of shoveling a quick walkway to their door. So not only are drivers risking their lives with the elements and other drivers, but they're also slipping on their way up to your door. And of course, because of careful driving, the delivery time may take longer than usual and that often leaves to little tips.

So 20-year-old Johnny in his 1996 Honda Accord pushes against horrible weather and risks his life so you can get your food, and receive barely a tip? This is what you don't do!

However, people will always order delivery when there's terrible weather, and you should be more grateful that drivers make it to your door instead of the company's ability to deliver to you at this moment. Because companies will always be there to deliver in your time of need, the least you can do is be a little less of a jerk by doing these simple things:

Tip well. Like, really well. Delivery fees often don't go to the drivers and they're making anywhere from 2 to 5 dollars while driving. Your delivery person will greatly appreciate it after they just risked their lives!

Allow extra time. When there's snow, there are orders. Chances are you aren't the only delivery at this time and the drivers are doing their best to get your food to you in a timely manner while still staying safe. Don't call after 20 minutes complaining about where the food is. Everyone is just trying their best!

Don't leave negative reviews. Seriously, if there's an actual problem call your restaurant and explain so they can at least resolve it with a credit for the next time you order. Give them some slack, don't make them suffer because the wait was too long in terrible weather or they forgot your ketchup packages.

Or maybe just reconsider ordering delivery? Working in the service industry is hard, snow days make it so much harder and really push employees to their limit. People show up to work because they need the money so someone will always be there to deliver for you, but consider making their day slightly easier by cooking your dinner at home instead.

Just because a delivery driver can make it, doesn't mean he/she should even go for it. Consider skipping the delivery during a terrible storm, or at least, don't be a total jerk about it because we truly do appreciate it when we at least get proper gratitude during this hard time.

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