Not making your own decisions

I'm Planning on Going With the Flow, But hey, it could change

It's not laziness, it's awareness.

Mariel Kondas

There's this song I've been listening to a lot lately. It's called "Catch The Wind." I like it because it talks about freedom.

One of the lines of lyrics says, "Like an eagle whose home is the sky, I'm gonna catch the wind." It got me thinking about how an eagle's home really is the sky. Birds migrate. They can't stay in the same place for very long at all and they can't really decide when to leave either. It's all based on the weather and the winds.

They don't fight it, though. They don't complain about the wind and try to fight it and stay where they are or where they want to be, they just go with it. They catch the wind and let it take them wherever they need to be. Their home is the sky. Their home is their freedom. They are home wherever the wind takes them.

I've been learning lately that we aren't so different. We try to be, but we don't have to be.

Why is it that we feel the need to plan every moment of our lives? If those plans change, it's like everything is falling apart. We can't recover. We can't deal with it. If we don't arrive at the location we intended in the timeframe we intended, we feel as if we've crashed and burned.

I don't think that's freedom. I think it's the exact opposite. We are slaves to our own agendas. It's like gripping a hand full of sand as hard as we can and getting angry when it slips through the cracks in our fingers. It was never ours to grip so tightly, anyway!

Some of my best memories in life are times my plans got completely destroyed, and we just went with it. Or times I had no plan whatsoever and just let what happened happen.

Like going on a road trip and not really planning any of the destinations, the best parts are the random stops on the way that you made because you weren't in a rush. Or not making plans for the day and just sitting in a coffee shop and having great conversations with whoever happens to run in.

I think the reason for that is that our agendas aren't our own, anyway. Our calendar and our planner and our day-to-day routines and conversations all belong to the Lord. More than often, our plans don't line up with His. Not because He wants to frustrate us, but because His plans are SO much better.

I think life would be a lot easier if we started deciding our home was the sky, too. If we started intentionally spreading our wings to catch the wind and letting the Lord take us whenever He wants us to go.

It's okay not to know. It's okay not to decide.

I want to feel as free as the birds in the sky and stop trying to hold so tightly to the things that weren't mine to begin with.

So, I'm not making any more plans for now because God already has some for me, and I would much rather join in on His than fight for mine.

It seems much more fun to just catch the wind anyway, doesn't it?

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