No More All-Nighters
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Student Life

No More All-Nighters

Go get some shut-eye people!

No More All-Nighters

Coming fresh off of a total of six hours of sleep the past two days, I will cement this thought into my every day:

No. more. all. nighters.

Honestly, I'm probably lying to myself from the "inevitable", but let's talk about college and sleep.

As students, we have so a ton of responsibilities that we have to attend to every day. Academic duties are hardly the depth of those responsibilities. We study, work and maintain social relationships all while finding time for themselves and an appropriate number of hours of sleep daily.

Sometimes it's okay to slip and put more time to into one facet of life over the other, but time management and pace go a long way in preventing the dreaded all-nighter. Are two-three hours that you spend admiring your favorite memes or watching Netflix time spend appropriately? I'll argue yes, but realistically, those are hours that can be spent getting work done or a good night's sleep.

Often times sleep feels like a blessing, but in most cases, the amount of sleep that we get is a reflection of our work habits and for often than not the same vice versa. We generally blame our responsibilities for robbing us of precious resting time, but really we do it to ourselves.

College isn't so much about how difficult it is. It is more so about how much time is necessary to invest in it. Do yourself a favor and put appropriate hours and time into the things that you should, but also manage time for yourself. It's already hard being a student, don't make it difficult to be yourself too.

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