Yep. You know the one. That one friend who has a new boyfriend every week? The girl who's so smart and funny and cool, but, for some reason, can only ever talk about boys nowadays? Welp, that's been me lately. Yessiree. To the point of making my friends and family (and probably God for all I know) go crazy. So, here we go. 9 reasons I will no longer be the boy-crazy girl, written in cold, hard ink.

1. It's exhausting.

OK, so maybe some kind of reverse-satire going on with that gif, but you get the idea. The only thing more exhausting than listening to the boy-crazy girl is being the boy-crazy girl. Being a full-time college student is hard enough without having to remember who's who and who did who-knows-what what week.

2. It's not worth the drama.

As anyone who has ever alienated anyone with their drama can tell you, it's so not worth it. Neither is having to freak out about all of the things that promiscuity brings with it.

3. It's not worth the heartache and heartbreak.

It hurts.

4. Your list will grow.

You know that number of boys you kissed behind the jungle gym? Yep, that will grow.

5. Your list of neglected responsibilities will grow.

Kind of hard to keep up your got-it-all-together-girl appearance when you're doing everything but... nothing.

6. Your definition of love will be crap.

I mean, how will love mean anything if you're just telling every single person who catches your eye that you love them?

7. It will ruin your reputation.

Just take it from the girl whose family told her they didn't know her anymore--it can and will ruin the person you've worked so hard to become. And in the end, no good boy wants to be with a bad girl.

8. You'll find it harder to look in the mirror.

Your conscience will drift farther and farther away.

9. Redemption is hard, but it's worth it.

This "Frozen" scene kind of echoes the ambivalence I feel about stuffing my boy-crazy, but you get the picture. Although I felt like Elsa dancing on the mountaintop in the heyday of my boy-cray-cray phase, my kingdom of ice-o-lation was so not worth the ruin of my real kingdom.