This year The Academy decided to do something different with the Oscars; there was no host. Back in December Kevin Hart was announced as the host of the 91st Oscar award show, but shortly afterward some old homophobic tweets resurfaced. Due to all the negative press surrounding his Hart decided to step down as a host.

With 2 months until the award shows The Academy decided not to find another host.

I'll be honest going into the Oscars I was skeptical about the hostless award show. An award show host can honestly make or break that year's show, and although it must add some incredible pressure to the host, they're by far my favorite part of any show.

After second thought, I realized it the monologue I look forward to most each year.

The in-between segments the host does aren't anything to be remembered. Not to mention each award and performance are introduced by different presenters. Once the opening is over, one could argue the hardest part of a host's job is done. Not to mention most of the highlight reels in the following days tend to discuss the monologue or at least part of it.

So when I heard there would be no host this year, my first thought was WHAT ABOUT THE MONOLOGUE?!

So there wasn't a full monologue this year, but Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler did have a longer than average award presentation. Although it wasn't a monologue they gave us the classic opening jokes we were all craving, while still keeping the show going.

To be fair if there was a monologue this year we would have gotten that epic performance by Queen, so all in all the monologue-less night was worth it.