Why There Should Be No Guns On My Campus
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Student Life

Guns Should Not Be On My Campus

Three reasons why MTSU should not allow conceal carry permits.

Instagram: @thelipsticklobby
Instagram: @thelipsticklobby

With the recent mass shootings in churches, schools, movie theaters, concerts, and seemingly everywhere. Many people are trying to find ways to keep themselves safe. Many have turned to gun control: limiting who gets guns and which ones they can use. On the other hand, millions are turning to guns to protect themselves. They are thinking about giving concealed weapon permits to citizens so if a shooter is to threaten their life they can protect themselves. However, there are many things that could go wrong with this. President Donald Trump has even suggested arming teachers. MTSU is a university where teachers and staff can already arm themselves, so many are wondering why can't students? I believe this is a terrible idea!

One reason why is because people who carry make the non-carrying public feel less safe. Imagine knowing that someone you barely know carries a gun. They have concealed carry permit so you won't be able to know if they are wearing it at any moment; That is terrifying. You could say the wrong thing and they might snap. You may get into an argument and they decide to threaten you with their gun. Just as the Kaitlin Bennett, Kent State Girl, made it clear in a video by Liberty Hangout titled "Trump Protesters in Erie are Emotionally Unhinged". At the 3:32 point in the video Bennett makes a "fat" at protester which the insulted girl retaliates by asking "What did you say to me?" Bennett responds by saying "You know I carry?" Therefore, threatening the innocent. How are we to feel knowing that someone could say anything to us and we must take it just because the government allows them to carry a deadly weapon.

Trump Protesters in Erie are Emotionally Unhinged www.youtube.com

Another reason why they shouldn't allow guns on MTSU's Campus is that of the threat that might occur with the recent outbreak in white supremacy. In the past year Vanguard America, an American white supremacist, neo-Nazi, neo-fascist organization has come to campus on a few occasions posting flyers discussing their agenda and looking for recruitments. Also, many white supremacist groups were scheduled to come to Murfreesboro to protest. With the protest, many students and faculty were scared for their safety and fled campus the weekend of the march. My friend, Ali a student patrol officer, said he remembers that weekend and how everyone was in panic mode. The protesters were planning to light torches and walk around campus so if they had guns only God knows what would have happened. He's right if we allow guns on MTSU campus we are threatening the lives of everyone.

The final reason is carrying a concealed handgun increases the chances of a confrontation escalating and turning lethal. The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, "members of the public who carry guns risk escalating everyday disagreements into public shootouts," Disagreements happen on campuses daily. Simple things could make someone angry and the argument could turn deadly. Not only arguments could turn deadly, but crimes that occur on campuses could turn deadly if students were allowed to carry. According to The National Center for Victims of Crime In 2015, 92,695 crimes were reported to college and university campus police. If a gun was present during these crimes that occur on campus the outcome may have been deadlier.

These were just a few reasons why MTSU should not allow students or anyone to conceal carry on campus. However, these give enough reason to change MTSU's mind and become a completely gun free zone so all students, staff, and visitors can feel safe exploring this amazing campus.

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