12 Easy Hairstyles For When You Have No Energy Left

12 Easy Hairstyles For When You Have No Energy Left

Messy buns are cute, but they're not you're only option.


Long hair is a real nuisance to take care of, especially when you're tired and have no time. And of course, between finals and the holidays, both those things are true. Hopefully, these twelve hairstyle ideas will save you time and make doing your hair when you have no energy left a little easier.

1. An over-the-shoulder ponytail


You can do this one in less than a minute. Just make a low side ponytail and loosen however much hair you need to feel cutely disheveled.

2. Geometric bobby pins


If all you have are bobby pins and ninety seconds, try making this geometric pattern. It's unique and will make it seem like you a ~creative~ hairstylist.

3. A 1920s-inspired headband look


Don't worry about being neat, just tuck and tuck until your hair is away from your face and no longer a concern.

4. A loose accent braid


Whether you can French braid or just do a simple three-strand, an accent braid will only take a couple minutes and easily elevates whatever look you rolled out of bed with.

5. Waterfall braid


Waterfall braids are more delicate, and once you get the hang of them, they take no time. You can find a tutorial on how to do one here.

6. Dressed-up messy bun


The messy bun is a classic for a reason--it's the epitome of easy but cute. If you want to add a little variation on yours, try incorporating a wide headband or scarf.

7. A double ponytail  


Layering two ponytails is a no-effort way to make your hair look thicker and longer. Because everyone deserves to look their best in a high ponytail.

8. A dainty braided headband


Just take a portion of hair near your ears, braid it, wrap it around your head, and secure with pins. The most uncomplicated summery hairstyle.

9. Low pigtails


Pigtails aren't just for little girls. Low pigtails are cute without being infantile. (This hairstyle works especially well if you have short and/or curly hair.)

10. Alien buns


If a bun is your go-to 'do, switch it up by trying out this quirky but sleek hairstyle.

11. Next day waves


Why not get as much sleep as possible in the morning? Before you go to bed, spritz your hair with dry shampoo and put it into braids or twists. Next morning, skip the hair-washing and just undo your nighttime look for fresh daytime waves.

12. Try a hair bow or accessory 


For a last-minute look, have a cute hair bow, pin, or signature cute hair accessory, something that only takes a few seconds to fix but pulls your whole hairstyle together.

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I Spent Spring Break With My Extended Family Instead Of Friends And I Didn't Get FOMO

Sometimes a nice get away from our friends is what we need.


This spring break, I had friends going all over. Leaving the country, hiking in the woods, spending a week soaking up some sun on the beach. But I did not. I spent some time with my extended family. Some family I haven't seen in a couple of years. Truthfully, I think I had just as much fun as I would have had I gone with my friends somewhere.

After a tough semester, we all need a break. And we all need a break in different ways. As much as I would have loved to be laying on a beach somewhere, spending some time with family was equally as fun to me. It was great to catch up with them and spend some time with them because with how far away we are from each other, it makes it hard to plan a trip to see them. And to not have to spend a fortune on an Airbnb, food, and travel costs was an excellent added bonus to my trip.

All throughout the week, my family kept thanking me. They said, "thank you for forfeiting your spring break to spend some time with us." They texted me or thanked me in person when I got there, and while I was leaving. What??? Of course! I see my friends every day, and I'm still young. There is plenty of time to plan a trip to the beach with my best pals. But it's not every day we book a trip to visit extended family. Not every day do I get the chance to catch up with them. Truthfully, after a tough semester, or a stressful semester, some time away and with my family is all I need to feel better.

It was a rejuvenating week. Relaxing, and stress-free. No class notifications. Minimal emails from organizations, job, etc. No responsibilities. And spent with easily some of my favorite people. I would not take back this spring break, because it was exactly what I needed. After this relaxing week I had, I'm ready to return to school and finish the rest of the semester strong. A week away from my friends has me so excited to see them, and catch up on our spring break adventures.

With that being said, yes I spent my spring break with my extended family rather than somewhere cool with my friends. But no, I did not have FOMO. I love my friends dearly, and as a 20-something year old in college, we all want to "make the most out of these days." But getting away from stress, and catching up with my family was necessary. I was a much-needed break from reality. It was a relaxing couple of days. I did miss my friends and wished I could be there during their crazy spring break experience, but I know there will be more trips to come.

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Posting About Something On Social Media Isn't Going To Change The Problem, Its Time To Step Up

Use your voice, not your keyboard.


Often times when we hear about something that happened we always go to social media. We try and see who else posted about a certain issue. We try and find a post and put it on our story. But why? Is it to show people you care? Is it for views? Or is it to show people that you noticed something that they didn't?

Silence has a volume. A tweet I saw the other day. Many people agree to this and many people have debates over what it actually means. So let me ask you: What is your purpose?" Is your purpose to post for views? Is your purpose to spread awareness? Or is your purpose to be along those who found something to talk about?

Are you just posting about an event and walking away? Or are you thinking about how to activity talk about an issue and raise awareness and go and speak out against it? See that's the question that's going to have you thinking. How easy is it to just tweet about an event that occurred to seem like you care but never step up for what is right.

We often hold this fear of "If I step up I will be targeted" or if I step up I don't want to be viewed as what I am not. Why all these excuses? Why hold yourself from changing the world or changing the way a certain issue is taken care of?

Why always command the opinion of people over every decision you make? Posting on social media about a cause will do nothing but show your understanding of an event. You might argue the purpose of posting over a cause. But the harsh reality is the post is nothing but a post.

Will a post speak out against a cause? Will a post step up against discrimination? What about the words you type on the caption? People will read it and swipe. Will people really take the time to know the exact story? No, because we live in a day and age where the media shows us what they want us to see and doesn't show us any more than that.

Social media is a platform where its really easy to manipulate people in either telling the truth or simply lying. You never know the intentions of a person behind the screen so why even try to argue with such a person about a cause?

If you really want to stand up to issues and make a real change its time to step up. Use your voice, not your keyboard. Start advocating for what is right or at least what is morally right in your perspective.

Don't wait on your post to make a difference. Make the difference within your voice. Make your voice heard and if it gets shut down continue to raise your voice for what is right.

If you want to make a change I urge you to start within a class setting and then start going out of your way and speaking to different organizations and people about what you feel is justice and what you feel is unjust. Waiting around for people to see your post isn't going to do much good.

If you care to make a change than do the steps necessary. Quit depending on social media to take care of all your needs. Whets most important in speaking out for what you believe is right is being passionate to raise awareness.

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