12 Easy Hairstyles For When You Have No Energy Left

12 Easy Hairstyles For When You Have No Energy Left

Messy buns are cute, but they're not you're only option.


Long hair is a real nuisance to take care of, especially when you're tired and have no time. And of course, between finals and the holidays, both those things are true. Hopefully, these twelve hairstyle ideas will save you time and make doing your hair when you have no energy left a little easier.

1. An over-the-shoulder ponytail


You can do this one in less than a minute. Just make a low side ponytail and loosen however much hair you need to feel cutely disheveled.

2. Geometric bobby pins


If all you have are bobby pins and ninety seconds, try making this geometric pattern. It's unique and will make it seem like you a ~creative~ hairstylist.

3. A 1920s-inspired headband look


Don't worry about being neat, just tuck and tuck until your hair is away from your face and no longer a concern.

4. A loose accent braid


Whether you can French braid or just do a simple three-strand, an accent braid will only take a couple minutes and easily elevates whatever look you rolled out of bed with.

5. Waterfall braid


Waterfall braids are more delicate, and once you get the hang of them, they take no time. You can find a tutorial on how to do one here.

6. Dressed-up messy bun


The messy bun is a classic for a reason--it's the epitome of easy but cute. If you want to add a little variation on yours, try incorporating a wide headband or scarf.

7. A double ponytail  


Layering two ponytails is a no-effort way to make your hair look thicker and longer. Because everyone deserves to look their best in a high ponytail.

8. A dainty braided headband


Just take a portion of hair near your ears, braid it, wrap it around your head, and secure with pins. The most uncomplicated summery hairstyle.

9. Low pigtails


Pigtails aren't just for little girls. Low pigtails are cute without being infantile. (This hairstyle works especially well if you have short and/or curly hair.)

10. Alien buns


If a bun is your go-to 'do, switch it up by trying out this quirky but sleek hairstyle.

11. Next day waves


Why not get as much sleep as possible in the morning? Before you go to bed, spritz your hair with dry shampoo and put it into braids or twists. Next morning, skip the hair-washing and just undo your nighttime look for fresh daytime waves.

12. Try a hair bow or accessory 


For a last-minute look, have a cute hair bow, pin, or signature cute hair accessory, something that only takes a few seconds to fix but pulls your whole hairstyle together.

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I'm a neurotic person. I always have been. Even when there was no need to worry or freak out, I would always somehow believe that I was busy, but that belief has been thrown out the window.

In a recent article, I explained that I would be motivated by having a lot on my plate. While this is true, I think I underestimated the amount of busy I was talking about.

I recently started a new job and I'm very happy with the opportunity I've been given, but the most I've ever worked in the past is 4 days a week. I currently work five days a week, and I have class five days a week. So trying to squeeze such a long amount of time every day is a bit of a handful.

I'm taking one transient course at FSW and my only hope is that I don't crack under pressure, as I tend to do whenever I'm faced with any inconvenience.

On top of all this, I'm also expected to read three or four chapters total nearly every day. That's a lot of reading that takes me a very long time. I'm not saying I don't like it, I'm just saying I'm not used to it. Plus, I end up taking nearly an hour to finish one chapter, let alone four.

I'm going to try my best, no matter how big the bags under my eyes get, and no matter how constantly ready I am to sleep at any given moment. This summer's not just meant to advance me to get to graduation sooner; it's meant to allow me to practice time management by jumping in head-first. It's not the easiest way, but I'm trying to learn things without fear.

Despite this summer starting out with a lot of work and little time, I think I'm more motivated that nervous. I am constantly afraid of multiple things happening at once around me, but I think this is a turning point as well as a wake-up call that I needed before finishing out my degree. It's going to take a lot of sleepless nights and caffeine, but I think I'll be alright.

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Top 10 Mythical Creatures To Have A One-Night-Stand With

This article was inspired by a conversation I had with my dear housemates, xoxo Shel, Miranda, Max.


Once upon a time, in a land far far away, lived a moderately-sized co-op's slightly-dirty living room with 4 individuals who collaborated on this article. Let's be honest, we've all had these conversations; I'm just bringing them to light. Let's start.

1. Bigfoot

You know what they say about big feet.


Bigfoot is number 10, because while he is rumored to be well-endowed, he is hard to get in contact with and might ghost you. He also probably has mommy Earth issues, and I'm not about to play therapist for another man, let alone a mythical one.

2. Medusa

Medusa rhymes with Sedusa, which she will do after a night of awkwardly avoiding contact at a frat party. However, she does come with a lot of tongues, and emotional baggage, so you may want to steer clear of anything besides a one-night-stand. Just imagine the snakes tho.

3. Werewolves

This is a contentious one, because I personally am not attracted to werewolves. However, the silent ghostwriters of this article are.

"Their power, their agility, their grace, shall I go on? Their hair. Very hairy. I love that. Imagine running your fingers through their hair." -- Quote from my roommate.

4. Mermaids/Sirens

You are a liar if you don't want to seduce a mermaid, or rather, be seduced by a siren's loving call. These queens of the oceans are all probably tops, and that's a rarity in the world of sapphic bottoms. However, they'll probably kill you, so keep that in mind.

5. Unicorn (But Not the Horse, I Mean A Bisexual Femme)

There are a lot of boring, unattractive straight couples on Tinder looking for a "third" to spice things up. Sadly for them, human beings are not objects and don't exist to fulfill your sexual wishes because your boyfriend doesn't know what a clit is. Please get off Tinder, for the love of God.

6. Elves, Specifically The Keebler Elf

"Why, specifically the Keebler elf, my friend?"
"Look at those cheeks. He has some very plump cheeks. Both up top, and bottom." -- Unnamed housemate

7. Centaur

Centaurs are number four on the list for several reasons. 1. That gallop. 2. That long, beautiful mane. 3. You can probably guess.

I think my biggest issue with centaurs is they seem a little pretentious. They'd seem like mansplain Joy Division to me at a house show. They just have that look.

8. Kraken

I would take him home to my mother. He's just misunderstood, and a little bit slippery. Very anime, I know.

9. Ghosts

I feel like the ectoplasm would be an interesting experience. If it weren't for number one on this list, I would immediately take home a ghost and let them possess me.

10. An Unproblematic White Man


Despite my many attempts, I have only been disappointed by the myth of a man who didn't have some sort of fucked up political beliefs. Regardless, I'm still going to keep falling for the idea of one.

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