I truly must be getting old...I am dependent on my day to be better solely off of caffeine. Last summer, I bought a cute frame that said "No Coffee No Workee" and I laughed because I love coffee and it matched the aesthetic of my room...why else? But boy, do I understand—I have come to my senses and know that I am 100% am dependent on coffee and think I am turning into my mother. Anyone else felt the same?

So, I decided to enlighten myself and re-emphasize why it's okay to buy as much coffee as I do and why it makes me so dang happy.

Coffee makes people happier

I am so sorry—I had to get that out there. While some of you might not agree with me, I feel like I can prove you wrong. Anytime I have a wonderfully rich smelling cup of coffee, it not only warms my hands and makes my body feel cozy, but it also gives me energy that I am usually surprised I had.

Whether it is a long day ahead or lots of work to do, coffee makes me work twice as hard and efficiently. I feel I have a sense of urgency, and I love it.

It is so social

My mom might not like this one, but coffee makes me talk even more than I already do. When I get a good cup of Joe in during the morning, I am ready for any conversation that comes my way.

It makes people want to do work

Yes to coffee, yes to work. Coffee boosts so much energy to get a day going. I know I feel so much more productive and ready for my day when I wake up earlier, give myself time to drink coffee or tea, and to relax and not rush before the busy day starts.

Coffee is social

You might be social, but having coffee is, too. Not only is "getting coffee" a universal hang-out but it is a great way to meet up with friends, get to know others, or catch up with old pals. While studying abroad, I have met so many people in coffee shops—from the baristas who want to know more, or others who can tell that my accent is not local. Coffee shops and getting coffee with others is a great way to chat and be amongst the town.

It is beautiful

It has become a worldwide fad to drink coffee in the cutest places and to be served beautiful drinks. For me, it has been so fun to try out new coffee shops around town and the cities to learn more about personal aesthetics. Not only can you tell the owners' vibe, but you can easily pick up on the coffee customers and the vibes they are going for. Is it for being social or a quiet place for study? All dolled up or modern and sharp?

No Coffee, No Workee and I mean it.

I love coffee.