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Halloween Is This Week And I Have No Idea Who I Am, Let Alone Who I’m Dressing As

College is a trying time, especially during Halloween week.


Ah, Halloween. Somehow, some way, college students (myself included) have managed to take Halloween and stretch it out into a week-long period of partying, fun, and drinking. As if that wasn't enough, students have also somehow managed to plan and coordinate multiple Halloween costumes to go along with the festivities. Despite the fact that Halloween is literally right around the corner, I haven't even found one costume yet. Nope, not one.

Although I could credit this to my insanely busy schedule, I've actually put a lot of thought into Halloween costumes this year. My roommate started telling me during the first week of September that we needed to plan for Halloween, however, I figured I would ride it out and find something super simple. Nonetheless, the other night as I was browsing various Pinterest posts trying to find a potential costume, I came to this realization; why do we dress up and pretend to be someone we're not when we don't even know what the hell we're doing with our lives in the first place? We spend so much time trying to find a costume that's the funniest, or the sexiest, or maybe the scariest, but why?

On Halloween, everyone is being someone who they aren't. That might just be me being overly analytical, but it's the truth. We spend so much time trying to be authentic and trying to navigate who we really are in college, yet for one night, or even a week, we spend so much time putting on a costume that masks who we really are.

I will be the first to admit that I literally have no clue what I'm doing. I go through phases of believing that I have my sh** together, but deep down, I have no clue what the hell I'm doing, let alone what I'm going to be the one (or five) nights that I go out for Halloween.

So by all means, be whatever the hell you want for Halloween, I'm not trying to convince you otherwise. However, when you do go out for Halloween, who do you want to be? After all, Halloween only comes once a year, you can't pretend you're someone you aren't forever.

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The Holiday Season In Disney Described By These 6 Gifs

Holidays in Disney are a little different in Disney compared to everyone else..


If you're anything like me and know way too much about Disney or just love it, you'll know that the holidays in Disney tend to be a little different then in other places.

1. It's late August and Fall decorations begin to enter the parks.


It's only late August and it is still in the 90s in Florida but everyone is excited because all of the Fall decorations are entering the park and Halloween parties are about to start!

2. Don't worry. It's October now, Fall is actually starting.


It's finally Fall, which means all of the country is excited for PSL at Starbucks. While everyone at Disney has already been enjoying all the Fall food and drink specials for weeks now.

3. It's not even October 31st and it feels like Disney has been celebrating Halloween for 3 years now.


Halloween and Fall have been celebrated in Disney for so long. We aren't sure if we missed it or if it has even happened at all yet.

4. It's October 31st, which means it's finally Halloween for real this time.


We finally made it to Halloween after celebrating it for almost 2 months! Yay, good job Disney!

5. November 1st can only mean one thing. Christmas is starting now.


It's officially Christmas in Disney! Now we get to celebrate Christmas for the next 2 months! Hold on to your Santa hats everyone.

6. If you're wondering, Thanksgiving is the forgotten Holiday.


No Thanksgiving celebrations in Disney! Just Halloween and Christmas, sorry to all of the Thanksgiving lovers out there.

If you're anything like me and love Disney, the holidays tend to be a little different there. Disney does Halloween and Christmas right every year, but sometimes we just want to celebrate those holidays one day out of the year instead of 2 months each.

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