Even though this is my third semester as an undergrad, making time to study does not get any easier. By this point, most of us had already had our finals and are enjoying our Christmas break. The week before finals this year caused me to pull almost all-nighters and get the least amount of sleep as possible.

The week before finals, for all colleges, should be no classes so we study and finish up projects without having to find time in between classes to study. How am I expected to get 8 hours of sleep, study for finals, do last minute projects AND go to class? It's almost impossible.

I know some of the Big Ten schools offer days with no classes before finals so students can focus on studying, and honestly, that is such a better way to go about it than having classes the week before finals.

The way we all go about studying with finals is not healthy. I at most, get four maybe 5-6 hours a night during the month of finals. There's just so much material to focus on and many papers and projects to do with not enough time in the world.

And then you have those professors who make the papers or projects due on the same day of the final. I don't mind it because it's more time to focus and perfect it. But, I wish more professors would make it due the last day of class so then come finals week or the week before, you don't have to worry about extra things to divide your time with.

The time I spend in class the week before finals are the time I could have to study and work on things. Trying to scramble and find time between classes to study is difficult. Like, I need to rest at some point and relax but it's so hard because you have this time between classes you can use to study.

Or the reason I purposely get less sleep during finals month is that that time sleeping is time I can be studying in since I don't have the time during the day due to classes.

And I know I'm not the only one. So many college students adapt unhealthy habits during final times and something needs to be fixed. I get it that professors expect a lot out of us and I understand that. But when students are barely sleeping and filled with stress and anxiety to the point of tears, something is messed up.

There is not enough time to attend classes, study for each class, eat and sleep and relax the week before finals. All colleges need a week or at least 5 days before finals week with no classes so students can focus on performing their best in each class on the final exams.

Let's be honest, if we had a week dedicated to no class and just prep for finals, everyone's grades would be fantastic.