It's Time To Close The Clinics Because Abortion Is Not An Essential Surgery
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It's Time To Close The Clinics Because Abortion Is Not An Essential Surgery

In fact, it is the exact opposite.

It's Time To Close The Clinics Because Abortion Is Not An Essential Surgery

Two weeks ago, President Trump and the coronavirus task force instructed doctors and surgeons across the country to cease all elective surgeries for the time being. This decision was made to conserve as much medical equipment and hospital space as possible for the predicted influx of coronavirus patients. Images of Italian hospitals being overrun and quarantined citizens singing from their balconies likely served as persuasive factors behind this decision. Making room in hospitals and preserving medical gear, particularly PPE (personal protective equipment) has become of utmost importance during this unprecedented crisis.

Except when it comes to killing babies.

Naturally, a debate has erupted surrounding abortion. Republican states Texas, Ohio, and Kentucky, and Alabama have all moved to ban abortions for the time being. Leftists claim that abortion is an essential, non-elective surgical procedure. Any opinion otherwise infringes on their rights and bodily autonomy.

I cannot comprehend how conceited a person must be to make this argument under these circumstances.

Abortion is not an essential procedure. It is quite literally the opposite. Elective surgery is defined as "surgery that is subject to choice."

Choice. Where have we heard that again?

Elective surgery is also contrasted with emergency surgery, which is not planned ahead and is done to save a life. Hmmm. So that means that abortion, which is made as a choice, is pre-planned and results in the destruction of a life must be elective, right?

In the world of logic and reason, yes. In leftist fantasy, women have the right to kill their babies whenever they please despite the circumstances, including a global pandemic. They don't consider the massive amount of medical equipment used at abortion clinics, equipment that could instead be used to help the fight against coronavirus, protect a doctor who may otherwise be exposed to COVID-19 without proper gear, end the social distancing measures earlier, and thus benefit the country as a whole. These notions don't even cross their minds. They need their right to abortion, now and forever. Nothing, not even a global pandemic, supersedes this belief.

Abortion clinics across the country should be shut down. The medical equipment and personnel freed by their closures should immediately be sent to fight or prepare for COVID-19. Even supplies such as gloves and cloth face masks could soon become scarce in the fight against coronavirus.

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo has often stated in his daily briefings that "every life lost is one too many." Yet abortion clinics are open and continue to take thousands of lives every day. If abortion clinics were shut down for just two weeks, more lives would be saved than have been lost due to coronavirus in the United States, as of March 31st, 2020.

Every life lost is one too many.

Medical equipment is desperately needed.

Close the abortion clinics.

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