Is Nintendo Switching It Up?

With the Nintendo Switch finally out, people couldn't seem to wait to get their hands on it. Already, it is completely out of stock everywhere, even Amazon. Will it be a hit? Some say yes, while others say no. Some people speculate that the Switch will replace all DSs, as it is a console that can be both hand-held and an actual console, like the PS4. There is a lot you can review about the Nintendo Switch, but in this article, I'd like to talk about my opinion of some of their confirmed games.

1. 1-2-Switch

This is a small party game, where several players can play an assortment of mini-games together, with the use of the system's Joy-Con controllers.

In the beginning, everyone will enjoy the games they can play with their group of friends of their families. However, it is not something that looks like it will be sticking around long term. It is a good use of a first couple hours, but the appeal dies down. If the Switch continues being successful, it is likely that these little mini games won't be much touched in the future.

2. Arms

Another multiplayer game, however it is a fighting type game, with only a two player function. Players will be able to combat each other in an arena with their extendable arms.

This game will probably last in popularity longer than the 1-2-Switch will. The Smash Bros vibe it gives off will help it live in popularity for a while longer, but it will also die out eventually, as more fighting type games get introduced.

3. Fast RMX

A racing game with a hint of futuristic, as you are able to defy gravity with your hovercraft.

Racing games will always stick around in popularity, but ONLY for those who really enjoy the racing aspect. The futuristic aspect is something that will make it slightly more interesting to those who aren't too crazy about racing games.

4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The latest game of the critically acclaimed long running Zelda series. A massive open world that differs greatly in quality from the other Zelda games.

Of course, probably one of the most famous games the Nintendo Switch will have. Will be forever loved.

5. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

A slightly enhanced version of any Mario Kart game.
See number 3 above. Will only stay popular because it's Mario Kart.

6. Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment

An expansion for the Shovel Knight. Also not something that will keep it's popularity very long, as people are bound to lose interest.

7. Snipperclips: Cut It Out Together

Another multiplayer game. A puzzle game for two people to use a snipping mechanic to solve shape and physics-based puzzles.

It will capture a lot more interest than the 1-2-Switch, as it has a more challenging aspect to it. Being able to play it with another person will make it a lot more fun.

8. Splatoon 2

A team based shooting game, similar to paintball.

This game will be popular for a decent amount of time. It is team based, shooter, colorful, and has different maps. Friend groups will enjoy it.

9. Super Mario Odyssey

Open-ended world exploration for Mario.

I think it is going to be a hit, very similarly to Zelda. It's the Mario people already love, but also with an open world adventure. There will be a lot of activities that can be done.

10. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

A sequel to the critically acclaimed open world RPG.

It will also be very much enjoyed, similarly to Zelda and Super Mario Odyssey. It is a sequel, so it already has a fan base, and something that is an open world RPG is bound to attract a lot of people.

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