What The Nintendo 'Switch' Needs To Advance Against The Console Competition
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What The Nintendo 'Switch' Needs To Advance Against The Console Competition

Advice for Nintendo's new system from a lifelong fan of the company.

What The Nintendo 'Switch' Needs To Advance Against The Console Competition

This past Thursday, Nintendo unveiled the "Switch," their newest gaming console that is set to debut this Spring . The system will allow gamers to alternate between home and mobile gaming, which brings something new to the table for Nintendo fans. Being able to play Mario at home and bring that same game on a trip with you is a super cool feature, one that hopefully can make the company a true contender again in regards to the war with the Sony Playstation and Microsoft XBOX.

So how does Nintendo truly exit out of the gate with a speedy horse, one that is truly considered a valid competitor? The Wii and Wii U were sorely lacking in a good number of areas, and those will be addressed here when talking about the Switch, a console that has potential to be (pun intended), a game changer.

So without further adieu, let's break down what Nintendo's upcoming project ultimately requires to be deemed as a system that will heavily be desired upon release.

1. A Lesser Emphasis on Family Fun

The Wii was a hit because it allowed families to play games together thanks to simple controls that everyone could learn. However, it lacked games that really allowed players to get sucked into titles with stories, strong gameplay, and memorable characters. Sadly, the Wii was gimmicky. The Wii U improved upon that a bit, but in order for the Switch to really stand out, it needs to build a library that is not just solely relying on the colorful nature that the company has always had. Mario and Link can stay prominent, but really, Nintendo needs to get titles like "Grand Theft Auto" and "Mortal Kombat" under their umbrella. Those franchises have built in audiences already that Nintendo can snatch up if their exclusive titles appeal to specific gamers.

2. Strong Third Party Support

At the end of the Switch reveal video, Nintendo proudly showcased what third parties were on board for the system. This can't be just a verbal promise; it has to be physical in the forms of the games. There have been diamonds in the rough when it came to third party games on recent Nintendo consoles but that kind of method needs to end. Companies like Capcom, Midway, Square Soft, and a ton of others need to stay on board in order to keep Nintendo thriving in the ring.

3. Decent Battery Life

When players can switch the new Nintendo system from home to "on the go," they take controllers with them. It is safe to assume that the controllers can charge while they are not in use, or even possibly not need to run off batteries when the console is staying at home. However, when the Switch departs with the owner to possibly engage in multiplayer gaming, the controllers are obviously running on battery life due to the wireless nature. In order to truly enjoy this feature for a solid amount of time, Nintendo has to incorporate some sort of battery life that can at LEAST stretch up to 5 hours. The Playstation 4 Dual Shock Wireless Controller will really only reach 3 hours uncharged. That's ridiculous. Nintendo needs to do better than that to show off in a good way.

4. Good Amount of Memory

In a similar nature to number 3, when the Switch is out and about, it requires a memory card to pick up where you left off at home. Nintendo really has to make sure that customers don't have to rely on several cards to swap in and out in case they want a variety of games to alternate between when they are on the move. The big N really needs to focus on creating a memory card that can hold a good number of saved games on it so it doesn't become overwhelming with what gamers have to put in their pockets or duffel bag.

Honorable Mention: Backwards Compatibility

It seems that Nintendo may be veering towards not having this feature on the "Switch," but it would be a great move if they allowed devoted fans the ability to use codes of Wii U games to be able to download them onto the new system. That, or be able to transfer data from the Wii U to the "Switch" possibly using an external hard drive. Food for thought. Most game companies don't really focus on the past when aiming towards the future but it would be wise for Nintendo to please the masses in this way.

These ideas may only be scraping the surface of what the "Switch" has to provide, but they are extremely necessary elements that Nintendo needs to think about/work on leading up to release. As a lifetime fan of the company, I only want the best for them. Let's hope that they know what their new system needs to survive, compete, and really "Switch" things up.

See what I did there?

The Switch hits stores March 2017.

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