7 Moments You Only Experience As A Night Owl
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7 Moments You Only Experience As A Night Owl

Cereal never seemed more appealing than at 10 pm.

7 Moments You Only Experience As A Night Owl

There is almost nothing more annoying in the world than waking up to the sound of an alarm. From the moment you get up until the time you get to bed, you are bombarded with responsibilities. You have to go to work and school, run errands, and do favors. But if you're a night owl then you have an advantage of getting a few more extra hours in the day. Here are seven perks to being a night owl:

1. Your brain gains a new sense of energy by the time the clock hits midnight


Thank you adrenaline rush!

2. Your best ideas come to you by one in the morning


Strikes of genius just come naturally.

3. Cereal never seemed more appealing than at 10 pm


Breakfast is a social construct.

4. Movies all of a sudden seem a lot more interesting


It must be a masterpiece!

5. You have a full sense of security that no one is going to interrupt you


Alone at last.

6. Silence has never seemed sweeter


What's that I hear? Silence. Golden Silence.

8. You welcome the new day before anyone else


Who says your not a morning person?

Life can be hectic starting from the moment you wake up. By the time it comes for you to finally have some free time, it's sucked away from those around you. It's not that you don't love those around you, but sometimes you just need some me time. But if you're a night owl, this resolves the problem. You can do everything you need to do throughout the day, spend time with your loved ones, and have some me-time. If your extra tactful, you can still get eight hours of sleep.

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