I am a night owl and I say this maybe because I want to find evidence for myself stating how I can be more successful in the future. But, one thing is for certain, my mind does work better at later hours of the day. If my parents want to wake me up at five or six in the morning, I notice that my mind does not function. I would need a huge amount of coffee, preferably a large cup to get my mind going, yet at night, I don't need coffee or energy drinks to keep me alive.


Maybe it's because I'm a gamer. I like to stay up all night to beat my levels. Maybe it's because I like working in the dark, away from glaring eyes and judging expressions. The dark is something I embrace, which explains the nightly episodes of watching "Batman" and singing in the dark. There is a certain peace that I love, and working in the daytime is just sometimes too much noise.

My brother waking up, having a temper tantrum about how much he doesn't want to go to school, my parents rushing to and fro finding their car and house keys simply give me a rambunctious headache in the mornings. Compared to the nighttime after everybody dozes off in their bed, that is when I can give my mind the quiet it deserves, and that is when my gears start turning.

That is when I start thinking of writing plots for my currently working novel, the goals I will be having for next semester, helping my family by doing chores around the house. That is where I can multitask by eating a bag of chips and switching it off with Netflix and Chill (by myself, of course). Sitting in the dark away from all the people in the outside world gives myself the impression that only I can make my own choices, with no one else disrupting my thought process.

However, my parents don't understand it. They believe that "the early bird catches the worm." And no matter how many times I say to them, that phrase is WAY too overrated, they can't understand. They will not be open-minded about it.


Because they were raised by their parents a certain way. At their time and age, their parents have told them to keep pushing themselves to be able to get into college. Back then, it was more challenging considering only a certain percentage of their graduating class would be lucky enough to get a proper education. Both my mom and dad worked hard to achieve their goals by waking up early to memorize lists of vocab and do thousands of problems to improve their expertise in school subjects.

Times are changing, though. Now, there are so many selections of schools out there students can apply to, and each school has their own form of excellence. Whether it would be art, science, research, humanities, math, the list goes on and on, every student can find a certain trait or skill in themselves that they can depend on to give them their own individual success.

Mine is writing. And because it is writing, I struggle with it a lot. Not because I don't know what to write, but because morning just isn't my prime time. The morning correlates to sleepy eyes and messy ruffled hair. Most of the time, when I do wake up at a normal prime early time of the day, it takes me ages to drag myself out of bed. Between 6 AM and 6 PM, I would personally say I am more active around 6 PM. Maybe that's why I sleep so late.

And that's where the pattern keeps continuing.

But one thing is for certain: if you're a night owl, don't try to be an early bird. Your mind isn't wired that way. You do you and keep pushing forward.