For as long as I can remember, I have been a night owl. Burning the midnight oil is no longer a pastime, but a way of life. Although waking up early has its benefits, for me, nothing compares to staying up late. The following are some of my favorite aspects of living life as a night owl.

1. Peace and quiet

As the day draws to a close and most everyone is in bed asleep, the fun for us night owls has only just begun. Driving through a deserted town, looking out your front window at empty streets, or hearing the crickets chirp are a few of my favorite moments of peace and quiet.

2. Not having to fight anyone for the remote

This one is more applicable to people who share a television, but speaking from experience, binging TV shows tends to go by a lot quicker when you don't have to worry about changing off who gets TV time. That and you don’t notice time passing as easily as you might in the daytime. Guilt-free movie marathons? Sign me up.

3. Coziness

I always feel loads cozier when its cold and dark outside and I'm warm and safe inside. Just add blankets and a mug of tea and, BOOM. Instantly cozy.

4. Being distraction free

There is a phenomenon that happens around one or two in the morning where I become incredibly focused. It feels so much easier to finish a novel, clean the living room, or write. I’ll chalk it up to not being distracted by mail deliveries or housemates or lots of cars driving down the road.

5. Sunglasses are not necessary

As someone who pretty consistently wears glasses, it’s nice to not be met with the choice of foregoing clarity of vision for comfort from the brightness of the sun. Since the sun isn’t out, there is nothing to worry about!

6. Midnight snacks

They’re just better than snacks you would have at any other time of day.

7. Makes watching scary movies, spookier

For those thrill seekers out there, watching scary movies at night automatically makes them 10x creepier.

8. Seeing the sun rise

Without even having to get up extra early to do so. This is arguably the most treasured of all the perks of being a night owl.

Being a night owl is something to be cherished. Even if you aren't one, now you have an inside look as to why we embrace the lack of sleep and shy away from the early morning wake up calls.