15 Times Nick Miller Described Going Home

Over winter break, I have finished "New Girl" for a second time, and I quickly realized how often I related to Nick Miller just to being home and a college student. Here are 15 times I think we can all relate to.

1. When your family all shows up to welcome you home.


The family either all shows up at once, takes you to dinner, or just shows up randomly throughout your break. Maybe it's just because it's a shock that you're actually home.

2. And then they ask you about all you have learned this year. 


You'd honestly love to tell them, but you probably don't remember already.

3.  Or about projects your classes have required of you.


The project bored you the first time you were preparing and presenting it. "Please don't make me do it again."

4. You also can't forget them asking you about every boy you've posted a picture with.


You can be friends with the opposite sex. It's normal, I promise.

5. Getting updated on all the town drama


Whoa wait, she married him? Who's pregnant?

6. "When are you going to get a boyfriend?" 


Good question that I don't know the answer to. Let me know if you find it.

6. "But you're so beautiful, how do you not have one?"


Thanks for the confidence boost, grandma. I wish boys saw that too.

8. When you're planning to go see your friends from college.


You've only been gone for like a week, but you miss your people a little too much to not make plans.

9. When someone makes a comment about your college weight gain, and you're trying to get fit before the next semester.


Well, you can't count how many nights you've stress-ate due to a project being due while watching Netflix. You didn't have time for the gym, sorry.

10. "Wow, college has really changed you." 


You were honestly the exact same in high school. A bit more sociable, maybe, but thanks for the compliment.

11. When you meet up with high school friends, and you both know little things that add up to a big thing.


No wait, that's why they broke up? THAT'S why she changed colleges?

12. Then you hear all the stuff that you've 'done' since going to college. 


You really don't even know how they came up with this stuff. You don't talk to any of them.

13. Then you hear about how some of your classmates have their lives together so much more than you do. 


Some are working, some are in the military, and you, you barely ever even make it to that 8 a.m. that you swore would be fine.

14. When you realize you don't have any responsibilities to school anymore.


Sleep til noon? Stay up late? Rewatch all your Netflix shows? Go for it, you're only free for so long.

15. When it is time to go back to college.


You're beyond excited, but you can't show exactly how excited you are because people may be upset about you leaving.

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