Because Nice(y) Matters

Because Nice(y) Matters

The local Broad Ripple shop that is worth the rave

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The warmth of the sun's rays explodes across my smiling face as I step outdoors on a beautiful May day. Sure, it's finals season and a multitude of exams and papers are looming over my head. But as I lay out a blanket on the finally-green grass, I cannot help but smile. I am surrounded by a group of friends that I feel comfortable being myself with for the first time since college started. Music from Quinn XCII is blaring from where he is performing only a few yards away. And right across the street, handing out free popsicles is a Nicey popsicle truck.

The first time I went to Nicey was during Welcome Week of my freshman year. A current senior who had attended my high school (a rarity at seven hours away), took me to Broad Ripple to show me around town. On my first drive into Broad Ripple, he explained that we had to go to this local popsicle shop. Apparently, these handmade treats were "to die for." Somewhat skeptical that a mere popsicle was worth loss of life, I agreed to check the shop out.

When I walked in, I was overwhelmed by the number of unique flavors to choose from. I decided upon Pina Colada because the day was hot, and it sounded wonderfully refreshing. As I unwrapped my first Nicey popsicle, I had no idea that there was truth to my friend's previous statement.

These popsicles really are to die for.

Fast-forward to May, and I had not forgotten my first Nicey experience. When I saw the truck handing out popsicles during my school's annual "Exam Jam," I immediately ran over. The day was already perfect. The sun was shining, live music was playing, and I was with friends that made me feel genuinely happy for the first time in months. To top everything off, I was eating the most delicious strawberry lemonade popsicle I had ever tasted. The moment was picture-perfect (so I took one).

Ever since this day, I have associated Nicey popsicles with nothing less than one of the happiest days I have ever experienced. There was something about the sweet treat that added to the perfection of the day. I was happy because I had finally found my home at a place that had felt foreign to me for so long. I was happy because the weather was warming up again and campus felt buzzing with excitement for the fast-approaching days of summer. I was happy because I was tasting the sweetness of a handmade popsicle on my tongue.

Now, when I drive to Nicey with the windows down and music blaring and friends in the seats next to me, I am brought back to the happiness of this magical day. And, even just for a moment, everything feels perfect.

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