Colin Kaepernick

So much has been said about Colin Kaepernick and I decided I would give ya'll my point of view on the situation. People are saying that his heart is in the right place but he is going about it the wrong way,and I agree. The racial tensions in the United States right now are extremely strained and none of the sides are helping each other. Truthfully, what Kaepernick did was wrong he said he was "sitting out for all the oppressed people." What he doesn't realize is standing for the national anthem is to stand and show respect for all the men and women that have served and died for their country.

Since the civil war there have been African American soldiers fighting. So for Colin to refuse to stand for the national anthem is disrespecting his own heritage, just like he says our country is doing to the minority communities. Well, he is doing the same thing. I have been around the military my whole life. I have had family in the military and my dad has worked for the Army my entire life so I have grown up with a lot of respect for the men and the women who are fighting for our freedom. I was listening to Tomi Lauren she is someone that definitely tells people what she thinks, and she has a right to, we all have a right to freedom of speech but she said one thing that really struck me. She pointed out that yes, Kaepernick has the right to freedom speech but he is turning his back on the country that gives him the right to freedom of speech. That's what I can't understand. He has a right to talk about the oppression in our country but he doesn't see how he is also disrespecting the American soldiers, black or white. That is what he fails to see. Even after a week of media hounding apparently he is still planning on sitting out for the national anthem again.

Personally, I have never seen him play. But he's a professional football player so he has a fan base of young and old. He has a responsibility, especially because he has young children looking up to him to be a good role model. With him refusing to show of respect by standing for the national anthem, he is showing his young fans that it's okay to not stand. To not show respect to the men and women who have died for him to have the ability to sit and refuse to show respect for our nation. And its not only the soldiers, it's all the men that were willing to die for our country to even be a country

So to all the people that agree with Colin Kaepernick think about this: if you were an american solider willing to put your life on the line for your country, would you respect someone who refuses to show respect to you and your country?

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