13 Newsies Quotes For Your Next Instagram Caption

NEWSIES! GET YA PAPES! EXTRA! EXTRA! I've compiled the best Newsies lyrics as captions for your next Instagram or just because they're the best lyrics of the entire show.

The Tony award-winning Broadway show for an original score and choreography, Disney's Newsies: The Broadway Musical is a ball of energy from start to finish that'll keep you entertained and fall in absolute love with the soundtrack.

Based on the true historical Newsboy strike of 1899, this youth-led strike was formed to demand reform from Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst as their wages go decrease with the increase of labor in old time New York City. Full of compelling vocals, powerful lyrics, and energetic dance, Newsies will take you by force! Spoiler free but I do HIGHLY recommend watching the full show on Netflix!

"Now is the time to seize the day. Answer the call and don't delay. Wrongs will be righted, if we united!" - Seize the Day

Sung during the power song, Seize the day, the newsboys begin to take their stand and take New York by storm!

"You keep your small life in the big city. Give me a big life in a small town" - Santa Fe (Prolouge)

You find out early what Jack wants in life. In Santa Fe (Prolouge) you see Jack as this dreamer who wants more for his life. Why stop here? Jack is the epitome of living life to the fullest!

"You're still our brothers and we will fight for you"- Seize the Day

Noted, all newsboys can’t strike and our beloved Davey and Jack understand that. In the eyes, they fight for all of the New York newsies, as it should be. No man is left behind!

"What a fine life, carrying the banner home-free all" - Carrying the Banner

Ahhh... carrying the banner. Such a fun and hip song! The boys describe their day as a worker, selling papers “sun up to sun down”. Rain or shine, these boys are true hustlers!


When you hear this, you want nothing but change! Strikes have always been prevenlent throughout history, and Jack Kelly along side his fellow newsies are no exception. The youth are taking matters into their own hand and doing what is right amongst themselves and society... sound familiar?

"So the world says no? Well, the kids do to! - The World Will Know

Once again, this show is FULL of energetic lyrics that make you want to shout! I don’t believe these boys, take no for an answer. But, they aren’t afraid to say it!

"They think they're running this town but this town will shut down without us" - Once and For All

People always say, “children are the future” and that’s true. Without the work of children and teaching them... there essentially would be nothing in the future. The newsboys KNOW this. If we don’t help the people looking down on us.... who will they run too. They’re pickings are slime. Clever.

"There's change coming, once and for all" - Once and For All

Theiughout history, we see changes. Whether it’s in laws, fashion, or entertainment. Change is inevitable. Because the newsies taught so hard and diligently, change is actually in their favor, AND for a good reason.

"We won't carry no banner that don't spell FREEDOM! - Once and For All

FREEDOM! The American dream. Being a constant theme in life, the newsies seek for this thought and dream of the day. No freedom. No papes. No papes... Mr. Pulitzer might have a problem.

"The woild is ya erster" - Dialouge before King of New York

This isn’t a lyric but a quote before the first song in ACT II “King of New York”, but it’s one I love. Newsies has a lot of great dialogue inbetween songs with the newsboys. Race, (above) is quite the optimist. After a fight, he keeps husbandry head high... but his English ... not so clear. You have to watch the rest to enjoy this even more.

"So let's get drunk ... NOT with liquer, fame works quicker" - King of New York

Katherine is a journalist and knows how to pick st an audience. The newsboys apparently love to drink (no laws here you guys) and she toys with their emotions. But hey, it’s gets them amped up anyway!

"Just look around at the world we inheriting and think of the one we'll create. Their mistake is they got old, that is not OUR mistake!"- Watch What Happens

Think about this right now actually. I find that this holds so much weight because we ARE the future. We shouldn’t repeat those before us mistakes but LEARN from them. Use our voices to provoke change! Gosh.. this show gets me pumped haha!

We're doing something no one's even tried, and yes, we're terrified but watch what happens." - Watch What Happens (Reprise)

Last but not least, this lyric from Watch What Happens. Basically, face your fears! Don’t be afraid as an outcome that hasn’t ... out come... Be original and a risk taker. You never know what the future holds until you give it a chance. Don’t throw away your shot (any HamFam?)!!!

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