North Vs. South: Is New York City Or Florida The Better Place To Live?

North Vs. South: Is New York City Or Florida The Better Place To Live?

I’ve lived in New York City for years, but have lived in Florida for a few months. Which is the better place to live?

I’ve lived in New York City for years but I had the opportunity to live in Florida for a few months and I loved it. Here are the pros and cons of each:

New York City

Late Night stores

You’ll be able to get a snack or come out the club at 4 a.m. if you wanted to. I have two corner stores that are open 24 hours a day, perfect if you get hungry or forgot to buy something during the day.

No need for cars

In New York City you don’t need a car as much as you would need one in Florida. Here in New York we always have subways and cabs within our reach. It is very easy to get from one place to the another. If you have a car be prepared to move the car at random times throughout the day and get tickets here and there. Let’s not forget looking for parking if you don’t own your own parking space, it’s definitely a hassle.


The winter months will be freezing! Be prepared to remove the snow from your car or the front of your home — which is not easy! Also, it will be really uncomfortable to walk in the snow and those days will be the days you don’t want to do anything but stay home. It also can cause depression.


Rent is super high in New York City! I live in the Bronx in a one bedroom apartment and I pay over a thousand dollars for rent...monthly! It is not worth it. The apartments are old and small and you don’t have your own parking lot or your own laundromat in most of the buildings. If you want these facilities or more bedrooms I'm sure you'll be paying more than two thousand dollars.


Late Night

No late night store runs to the local store on the corner — mostly everything in Florida closes early. You’ll have to make sure you have everything you need at home after getting off from work. Also, it is much more peaceful to live in Florida than to live in NYC. At night you won’t hear a thing, maybe crickets, unlike in NY, where you’ll hear sirens or music from your neighbors.

You’ll need a car

When I was in Florida I didn’t have a driver’s license, which made it very difficult for me to move around. I had to depend on other people to make moves. A car is very important in Florida since everything is far away and the weather is very hot, so walking is not as easy as in NYC.


For a reason Florida is called the sunshine state! The climate is pretty warm throughout the year, giving you the opportunity to visit pools water parks, wear summer clothing all year. You won't be locked in an apartment; it becomes easier to enjoy the outdoors when you have such nice weather. For people with kids, this nice weather is very convenient.


When I lived in Florida the apartment was about $800 a month, it included two bedrooms two bathrooms, a laundry room, balcony, parking, gym and pool. The apartment was brand new and the utilities as well. It was totally worth the money.

So, what's my verdict?

Florida is by far a better place to live because you get to enjoy life a lot more throughout the year. Although Florida is prone to hurricanes it is definitely better than having to stay indoors because of freezing weather. So I prefer Florida rather than living in New York City.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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This Is Not Your Typical Break-Up Survival Kit

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1. Comfortable clothing.

At some point during a relationship, fancy clothing is replaced by comfortable clothing. This does not mean to throw on a tight short dress. Instead, to make the transition easier and smoother, attempt to wear cute and comfortable clothing to slowly remind yourself of your self-worth.

The key item to do this is on the underwear. Ladies out there, doesn't lacy lingerie increase your self-confident? After that, it's all about adding more and more clothing items that boost your confidence and say 'see you later' to those sweatpants!

2. Aromatic candles.

Candles are not necessary for romantic set up. They can be used to meditate, do yoga, to relax and take bubble baths while drinking champagne. It makes the setup for a calm self-pampering night, furthermore reason to add face masks and comfortable clothing in the basket! Make sure to avoid scents that could potentially remind you of your ex. Funny twist: grab the candles with hilarious names!

3. Funny mugs.

Humor is the best medicine, and a cup holds your favorite drinks is the perfect combo to start your day! Drink your favorite drink in your favorite new mug and have a little laugh.

4. Homemade item.

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5. Drinks and snacks

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