As a fellow people pleaser myself, I understand the physical and emotional exhaustion that comes with it. We are always looking to help others and seeking other's approval. In 2019 it's time to start thinking of ourselves a little bit more. This does not by any means encourage you to neglect responsibility and relationships with loved ones. It does, however, encourage you to take care of your needs. Sleep a little more and worry a little less. 2019 is the year of self-care!

1. Think of yourself.

2. Sometimes, it's ok to be selfish.

3. Don't buy into social media.

4. Wear what you want. 

5. Do what makes YOU happy. 

6. Start a new hobby. 

7. Nurture a passion. 

8. Don't over-analyze. 

9. Don't seek other's approval. 

10. Post without consulting others.

11. Prioritize. 

12. Get more sleep. 

13. Don't worry about what you cannot control.