Every year we make resolutions that are almost impossible to keep. It's great to make a resolution to better yourself, but try one that is a bit more within reach. Here are a few ideas.

1. Get a gym membership

We all know that SO many people make their resolution to work out, and they often NEVER follow through with it. Just make getting a membership your goal and work your way up from there. Baby steps.

2. Stop drinking soda

This one is and should be so easy. It's almost 2019 and we all know soda has ZERO benefits and is SO bad for you! Cut those extra calories out, honey.

3. Drink less coffee

This is something I need to try myself. I'm totally not saying to cut coffee out altogether, because we all know that's not happening. But if you usually have two cups a day, cut it down to one and so on. This one is tough, but we can do it!

4. Study more

I am quite awful at studying regularly. I cram when there's a major exam, and that's about it. We should all set aside more time for our studies in 2019. Hit the books, your GPA will thank you.

5. Watch less Netflix/TV

I definitely find myself being a couch potato in most of my free time when I should be doing something productive instead. Watching your favorite show is a nice disconnect, but maybe a little less often in 2019. Use your free time to do something a bit more productive from here on out.

6. Save more money

Saving money is always smart. You never know what expenses may arise, so it's always good to have some extra cash. Start small at maybe $20 a week and work up from there! You don't NEED that new iPhone, save that cash.

7. Start a skin care routine

This one is SO important! If you don't already have one, 2019 is the perfect time to get into a routine to take care of your skin. It's literally the largest organ of your body, so take care of it!

8. Eat more fruits and veggies

Making your resolution to completely change your diet will be very difficult. So make it to eat more fruits and veggies instead. Incorporate healthier foods in 2019, don't change your whole life with the new year!

9. Drink more water

This one is something I REALLY need to do myself. I often find myself three cups of iced coffee into my day having had NO water. We all literally need water to survive, and more than just one glass a day. MORE.

10. Do what makes you happy

This one is so important. Just do what serves YOU and makes YOU happy this new year. You deserve it!