Happy New Year...but what the hell does that even mean?

To every person this week who says, "New Year, New Me" I am confused. Why is this one arbitrary day on the calendar an excuse to validate your bad choices? Listen up folks, we all know the term, "quitting cold turkey" and we all know the connotation with is NOT to do it. If you're living your life and trying to make a quick change because of January 1st, you need to re-evaluate your goals. If you can't make goals for yourself without an excuse to do so, you will never achieve greatness. Self-reflection is a necessary part of growth, but tacking it on as a New Year's Resolution gives you an excuse to back out of your lifestyle change when you get bored. Everyone makes mistakes, but mistakes are how you learn. When you completely ignore all your past mistakes, you are ignoring all achievements as well. You can achieve anything YOU set your mind to.

So, this year instead of making a resolution, make a promise to yourself to do better and be better all year. You can do it, I believe in you.