2019 Words of Wisdom
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Words of Wisdom for 2019

Quotes to inspire a happy and healthy New Year

Words of Wisdom for 2019

I love scrolling through Pinterest and coming across quotes. They always put things into perspective and inspire me to look at how I live my life. For 2019, these are some quotes that I think people should consider when making goals and hoping for a healthy and happy New Year.

This quote about goals:

When it comes to making goals, we need to realize that if we want our goals and resolutions to work, we have to put in the work. This is true for a variety of goals, whether they are related to health, finances, hobbies, or other lifestyle changes. Cassey Ho, who is credited for this quote, is a great fitness Youtuber that I highly recommend if you need some motivation in the New Year for fitness, healthy eating, and self-esteem!

For dealing with unpleasant people:

Everyone has come across people that they do not like or who are thought of as rude. But we have to remember that people can be going through things and there could be a reason behind this. Even if this is not the case, you have to sometimes put up with people and give them respect. You can't control other people, so you can only control how you present yourself.

A reminder for self-care:

Often times we are so busy worrying about other people in our life that we deprive ourselves from taking time to ourselves. It is important to realize it is OK to put your own needs first.

A cute perspective:

Ok, of course the reason I loved this quote was because of the Disney cartoon. But, I also loved the meaning behind it. I want to go into 2019 realizing that I am grateful for what I have. In the future, it is a good outlook to see that what I do and my successes are not material and about what I have, but what I am putting out to the world.

How to embrace the good and bad:

Of course we should celebrate good times in our life, but we need to also take into consideration that the rough times and challenges throughout the year have a benefit...they make us stronger. This will be a great attitude I will use throughout the year, especially if I am feeling down.

Spreading kindness: 

I love all quotes about kindness. Just like when Ellen Degeneres says "be kind to one another," I think that it is such an important thing to spread kindness. This one in particular, I used as my high school yearbook quote. A small act of kindness can make a difference. This one I will continue to use to inspire me in 2019.

To all the worry warts out there:

Personally, worrying less is one of my resolutions and Walt Disney is the perfect person to listen to.

A quote about being you:

Dr. Suess may be known for rhyming nonsense and children's books, but his quotes are always fun to remember. In 2019, it is important for people to be their authentic selves. It doesn't matter what people think. And people who can't accept that are living in the past...it's 2019!

Time to move on:

I am guilty of getting hung up in past events, especially negative things. So, it is important for me to move forward and focus on the present, rather than getting distracted by the past. The only reason we should be looking back is to reflect on our lives in a positive light.

Time to start a new chapter: 

The new year is a great time to start a new chapter in your life. You can do things to make your upcoming year better than the one before. It is up to you to help create a new chapter in the way you want your year to go. Time to work hard on your resolutions, keep a positive attitude, and have a great 2019!

I hope that everyone has a great 2019! Whether you have official resolutions or not, I hope the new year brings peace, happiness, health, and success!

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